Sodium Chloride after treatment - even in styling products?

So I know I'm supposed to avoid shampoos with sodium chloride in them, but what about styling products with it? I bought biotera curl cream and was so disappointed when I noticed it was one of the ingredients in the middle of the list. Will that strip the keratin? I of course have not used it yet.

It's actually REALLY hard to find safe styling products because many of them have ingredients we don't recognize as sodium chloride, but then I google, and's in there. Hopefully as this procedure becomes more popular we'll start to see "BTK safe" on the bottles. Carol's daughter's hair milk has sodium bicarbonate as an ingredient, which is baking soda, and i'm pretty sure it will strip the I stopped using it. Same with this conditioner I have which has "ammonium salt," in it. Giovanni's tea tree shampoo doesn't have sulfates or sodium chloride, but it as like a million other "sodium" derivatives listed, so I'm scared to use it. Aubrey Organics products are supposedly safe, but sometimes these all natural products just don't work for me!
Thank you for the reply. You make a great point about"hidden" sodium chloride.

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