creamy leave in conditioner that is BKT safe

You know what my biggest problem is? Finding a friggen leave in conditioner that is BKT/BB safe. A lot of the "natural" products on the market contain sodium/salt/ or some sort of acid or chloride that I'm afraid can/will wash away a BKT. I've tried the Shea Moisture products from target and they are too heavy. I don't want a gel, but a creamy/wet leave in. I don't need much hold, just something to define what's left of my curls and something that is less than 10 bucks! Carol's daughter hair milk is too greasy...i need something a little more wet in consistancy...i'm even open to whipping something up at home. I tried AVG, but it didn't leave my hair soft :/.
Hi hairguru,

I was not aware that so many products had salt in them. Or acid. I hope someone has a good suggestion.
4a Tailbone pw:curlspretty

I like Miracle 7 Leave-In. It's a spray from Sally's

Garnier Leave-In Conditioner

These are both safe.
I looked up the ingredients in Garnier's sleek and shine leave in and found these two: Behentrimonium Chloride , Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride , as well as Linalool , Butylphenyl Methylpropional , Citrus Limonum Lemon Peel Extract . Anything with citrus or acid will chip away at a BKT, and anything with chloride makes me want to run the other way! It's cheap so it's tempting, but my BKT was NOT cheap and seeing it go away so fast would not make me happy!

I can't find the ingredients for Miracle 7 Leave-in Conditioner...I'll have to make a trip to sally's to check it out
Hi again...not all chloride products are a no-no. There is another board I frequent and all of the ladies that have a BKT swear by the Garnier Leave-In. It is void of sodium chloride which is what is most important. From what I understand it's the sodium and the chloride together which is bad for your BKT.

As for the Miracle 7, it's mostly natural ingredients. In the Coppola thread a couple of threads down from this one, a few people mention having used this on their BKTs.
But i need to cut back on all of the products I use. I just bit the bullet and spent a $130 bucks on all of the bb brand products. even though i didnt get a bb, but a bkt, i figure this stuff will do the trick. I'm literally not spending a DIME on any more hair products for the rest of the year!
My Simply Smooth treatment was just washed out yesterday. Today I'm just misting lightly to refresh it since there is no frizz. I was planning to use my Curl Junkie Beauti Curls leave in conditioner when I style it next. It costs more than $10 but it will last a long time and the ingredient list is safe.

I noticed that the Simply Smooth Extend shampoo contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. I thought sulfates were a definite no no for keratin treatments. I don't plan on using it anyway since I don't shampoo often. My stylist let me swap it for a Deva No Poo. Nice of her!
cg Dec 08
fine to med texture w/ some coarse / high porosity 2c to 3a

I've actually been reading that sulfates are okay, but sodium chloride is the BKT killer. my BKT shampoo has sulfates in it too ( i think)...

The BB shampoo i bought yesterday has the following ingredients:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate and Disodium Laureth. I googled these and these are not considered sulfates :/....go figure!

I do use silicones and the Moroccan oil curling cream I use also has mineral oil in it, so I need something that will wash this stuff out at least once a I don't mind these ingredients so much at this point...I tried going "all natural" with my products, and my hair looked like ish! so back to silicones and even a little mineral oil for me! In October I will straighten my hair again to see how much progress my hair has made...with weekly DCs and simply keeping my hair curly. I'll also be drinking more water, running, and taking MSM and biotin..wish me luck
My shampoo has Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate in it.

Of course I panicked when I saw this on the bottle, but had no choice but to use it. It seems so far to be fine.

I'm with you Hairguru17 about spending all the money. I have spent so much money over the 'years' that I'm sick of it. That's why if this works out for me I'm gonna do the KT in the spring and summer and probably go curly in the fall and winter. My hair does much better curly in the winter. I was buying jessicurl's products by the gallon and was at the point that I was gonna have to stock up again or do the KT.

Good luck with the water, msm and biotin, and running thing. For some reason every Monday I always say this is gonna be the week I start jogging and taking vitamins and drink tons of water...and of course I never stay motivated with I hope you have better success than me.
I'm pretty proud of myself with the vitamin thing...3 weeks and havent missed a day. I even went away and made sure to pack some to go!

As for the shampoos and leave ins...I'm DONE! I have enough to last me for a year...the next thing I will do is a KT again in the late fall, if I need it. We'll see

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