Just got a Keratin Treament and LOVE it!!

The first time I heard about the keratin treatment was from Anson at Howard Jacobs salon in Raleigh, NC. (He does a great job cutting curly hair!!!) He told me how the curlies he uses it on loves it. Well of course I was skeptical so off I went to do a lot of research.

After much reading and calling and talking to Tony (who was very patient with me and answered all my questions) at Howard Jacobs I decided to do it.

With the 90+ degree temperature and high humidity, my hair was a frizzy mess. I have been using alot of the Jessicurl products with much success, but I was tired of dealing with the frizz.

I must say I am the happiest with my hair that I have ever been. Anson did a great job and explained to me how to care for my hair and if I had any problems to go back to see him. I almost starting crying in there I was so happy!

My hair is stick straight now (which is exactly what I wanted). If feels soft and not hard and dry like when I would flat iron it. So now comes the 3 day waiting period to wash it and see what happens then. Anyone local to Raleigh and wants to have this done should go see Anson. He has changed my life!!!

Anyone interested in my pictures I have them in photobucket.

Your hair is gorgeous before and after! enjoy! I love going out on hot days when everyone has a ponytail and flipping my BKT around. it is so great! just stay away from the jessicurl products as they have sodium in them.
La-Brazilian is the shampoo and conditioner he gave me to use, so I am guessing that is the brand he used.

Thanks ponytailgirl for the compliments. And I will stay away from the jessicurl now....it has been banned from my bathroom. I am in love with my hair now!!!!!!
I just had the Simply Smooth keratin treatment done today. I have to wear my hair straight for 4 days. So far so good. My hair is very soft, smooth and shiny. I don't think the Simply Smooth straightens as much as some of the other treatments. I'm hoping to loosen my 3A curls just a little and reduce frizz ( I have very porous hair). BTW there were no noxious fumes and the whole experience took about 2 hrs and 45 minutes & cost $270 (including shampoo and conditoner).
cg Dec 08
fine to med texture w/ some coarse / high porosity 2c to 3a

your hair is beautiful meadowlark....I can't wait to wash my hair on Sunday and see what happens.

The whole process for me took about 2 hours and was $140 (which also included the shampoo and conditioner)!
AND you got a full sized conditioner and shampoo to go w/it??!!!

How do you like your hair now that you've washed it? Have you tried to wear it naturally or are you heat styling?

I just had my Simply Smooth treatment washed out yesterday. My curl pattern is slightly relaxed but the frizz is gone. The wiry gray hairs blend in better with the rest of the hair. I haven't styled it myself yet. So, I don't have a verdict on how this will affect daily styling. I can say that I don't feel the need to re-wet today even though I'm going out tonight. Normally, I would need to re-wet to deal with the frizz due to humidity.
cg Dec 08
fine to med texture w/ some coarse / high porosity 2c to 3a

The shampoo and conditioner was 8.8 fl oz size, and I am using very little when I wash my hair.

So I washed my hair on Sunday and let it air dry without putting any products in it. It was just as curly as it was before. So I flat ironed it and it looked just as good as it did when I left the salon.

On Monday I washed it again and this time blow dried it and pulling it straight, and it came out straight but BIG. So I flat ironed it again and it once again looked just as smooth, straight and flat as it did when I left the salon.

I called Anson on Tuesday and asked about my hair being curly after I washed it. From what it sounded like we are going to do another keratin treatment.

I didn't use any products in it at all when I let it air dry. I wanted to see what it would do. I'm not really sure what to put in it.....This weekend I may try some flax seed gel (homemade) that I still have and see what happens.

The humidity has been horrible here since I had it done (almost a week now) and it rained yesterday and today and I had no frizz, no hair getting bigger as the day went on. It stayed just as smooth and silky. Of course I didn't let it get wet from the rain for fear of it would turn out like it did on Sunday. So far I am still very very pleased and am LOVING my hair.

Let me know meadowlark what products you have put in your hair. Do you have to flat iron you hair when you want to wear it straight?

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