Can I keep my curls with the Brazilian Blowout?

My hair type is 3a and just REALLY frizzy.
So will the BB make my hair straight?
I want to keep my hair exactly at 3a but I'm afraid I'll have straight hair afterward.

Any help is appreciated! (:
-3a hair (I think)

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it made my hair pretty straight.i have 3a in the back and from multiple reasons(flat ironing... ) the front is a 2 something. it made the back just slightly wavy, if that.
but, i had the brazilian keratin treatment,which i dont know if it is the same as a bb. so it may be different with that.
the more you do it the straighter your hair becomes. Your best bet is to go to a salon for a consultation. everyone seems to have different results with these treatments. tell your stylist what you want and see if he/she can deliver. the technique/amount of product/and brand ( bb and other bkts), really affects your results.
The Brazilian blowout works different depending on the person, sometimes it makes hair very straight and hard to get any curl other times it gives hair a wave. I would suggest getting a anti-frizz treatment. Its not as long of a process and uses some harsher chemicals but if you are friendly with your hair it wont cause any noticeable damage. It will give your hair a smoother feeling and loosen the curl, but no this type of treatment will not rid the curl. Builds protein and promotes curl mobility and health.

its far cheaper than the Brazilian also.
What is that? and what chemicals are used? I think so many of us are a fan of the BBs and BKTs because of the softness and shine you get with them.
I was a 3b/c before BB and I'm still a 3b/c after. It loosened my bangs a little, but not really anything else. Less frizz though. I like it. Make sure they use BB, if they use a generic or other product, you never know what you'll get.... at least my stylist said that...
3B, with some 3C
i got the BKT (rejuvenol 24 hour) and my very curly/frizzy hair stayed curly, but its now nice long soft curls like I always wanted. i can see how if I had this process done again it woudl probably lose more of the curl though.

the best part - no more frizz!!!
From what I've read, Brazilian Blowout and Brazilian Keratin Treatment are the same. I have mine schedule for two weeks at a "curly hair salon" in Tucson. I was reassured it will not make the hair totally straight unless you use a flat iron to straighten it. I wanted the option of flat ironing or going curly without the frizz and with shine. I am a 3b and have frizz and tight curls. I'm hoping this treatment will leave me with loser curls.
so I've heard is that BB doesn't contain formeldahyde....but I'm not sure I believe it....all in all...the results, of either of these treatments will depend on how much of the product is used, the texture of your hair, who applies, AND the brand of treatment.

I'm 4a and my curls are now more of a 3b...and in the back of my head my hair is only roots are still pretty much a 3cish..but when I flat ironed my hair it took like 45 minutes, versus the 3 hrs it took before...and the shine is amazing. so far I like the treatment and the versatility it gives, but don't assume you will know what you're going to get just based on teh results of others...everyone seems to have different results.

Here is an interesting article i found about the BB vs BKT:
I have lots of very fine 3c hair (which I color). Fighting frizz and tangles is an ongoing battle. My stylist recommended a BB to help reduce the frizz and loosen the curls a bit. To ease my nervousness -- because I'd read reports of people losing too much curl and I still wanted curly hair, just not frizzy curly hair -- my stylist contacted the company and asked a representative for tips on loosening my 3c curls to not less than 2c curls. She was told to make only 3 to 4 passes with the flat iron!

My stylist and I decided on 5 passes with the flat iron. And it worked! I LOVE my big, floppy, loose curls. And I do not miss the frizz at all.

In all the discussions I've read about the BB treatment, I've not read where anyone discussed the number of passes their stylist made with the flat iron. So I thought I'd mention it. For what I wanted from the BB, I think limiting the number of passes with the flat iron was key.

FYI: Tara Hooper at Hair By Tara (in Carlsbad, CA) did my BB. She gets 5 stars from me.
I will most definitely discuss this when I go in for a BB in October. I got a really strong BKT and my curls are way too loose....especially at my crown . Next time I go in, I'll ask for only 5 or 6 passes.

In all the discussions I've read about the BB treatment, I've not read where anyone discussed the number of passes their stylist made with the flat iron. So I thought I'd mention it. For what I wanted from the BB, I think limiting the number of passes with the flat iron was key.
Originally Posted by curls_4_forever

The stylist who did my Global Keratin also used fewer passes with the flat iron to allow me to have waves. My hair looked amazing through the first two shampoos, but after that it got curlier and curlier. After only five shampoos (with their products) my old curly frizzy hair is back and I don't know what to do about it. The salon is offering to redo it at no cost but I'm scared of losing my hair by doing it twice in a row.

I wonder if the original Brazilian Blowout would have worked on me better, since it has higher formaldehyde.
I have gotten the BKT on may hair twice. I loved the results. My hair is a mix of 3b/3c.

It was pin straight upon first receiving the treatments. I could go out in 100% humidity and NO frizz!

After washing it I had really long sexy curly hair passed my shoulders. My hair is very long but prior to BKT when I wore it curly it was shoulder length.

I love my curly hair but it was too much to handle before BKT. I hardly ever straighten my hair because i love how my curls look with BKT.

However, I am hesitant to get BKT a 3rd time because I am afraid if I keep doing it that it will eventually take away my curls forever!!

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