Has anyone else done BB 3 or 4 times? (besides me)

I know, I know...you all love your Brazilian Blowout. I did too. So much that I did it again...and again...and again.

I would like to know how many people are continuing to do the process and how it's building up in your hair.

A year and four processes later, I am tired of straightening and want my bouncy voluminous curls back.

They are taking their time coming back though. I wash my hair with REAL SHAMPOO everyday, add mousse, scrunch, and diffuse.

The curl comes back for about 6 hours. Then it starts to fall and it's noticeable that I have three inches of virgin, super curly roots.

Please, only people who have done Brazilian Blowout more than 2x contribute here. Thanks gals!
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I was part of a demo this weekend for Braziliante, which has a product similar to Brazilian Blowout. It was my third time having it done, and I found it my hair is softer and less frizzy, but still pretty curly. In face I'm still at least a 3a. My hair is usually 3b and pretty coarse, so maybe that's the difference.

Thanks for replying. I WISH I had similar Brazilian Blowout experience to you.

When it was sold to me, it wasn't clearly presented as an option that I could just mitigate the frizz and keep the curl.

In one year, I've gotten the procedure done 3 times and one extra time on the bangs area.

The product has built up in my hair so that my curls are S-shaped and but a little bit on the flat side.

I'm happy to hear that you have been having a different experience.

I wonder if it's because I have "ethnic" hair, meaning, I'm not 100% Caucasian. I'm Arab/North African and my hair tends to be on the frizzy, fine side.

Continued success with your Keratin treatments and please, PLEASE keep us posted. Your opinions are so valued and I am so grateful for your devotion to those of us with curly hair!
I've only had it done once so far, but may do it again if it's on special. I don't straighten my hair and the BB didn't straighten my curls with the exception that my bangs are looser and maybe the front sides are a tiny bit looser. It just has less frizz. (yea)
3B, with some 3C

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