I'm thinking about it but i'm nervous!

Hello ladies! I LOVE wearing my hair straight by way of flat iron and Sabino Lok and Blok. But I'd like to try a BKT or some form of KT in order to eliminate the frizzes and keep my hair straight. But I've read some ladies are having problems getting their curls back and their hair is too straight. Can anyone help me in deciding what to do? Thanks ladies.
Oh, BTW, I'm mainly 4a/3c hair type and my hair straightened/stretched is BSL. Thanks!
You and I seem to have the same hair texture and length going on. I've been blogging about this forever...you should do a search of reviews. All in all, you really have to do your research...and even though I researched for 2 years b4 taking the plunge, my results were not what I expected! My advice? For our hair texture I would recommend the Marcia Teixtera for a BKT...however I recently found a review of a girl who got the Brazilian Blow out with GREAT results...hers only lasted 3 months, and even after the 3 months she still has less frizz, but shrinkage is back. I may try the BB next. The salon near my job will do it for $250.

I got a Brazilian keratin treatment because being super nappy was not for me. I couldn't do much with my hair,and on humid days....my GOD the frizz...and I did not and do not have the money for miss jessie's products, and the friggen time it takes for that stuff to do what I want..and yet again, that stuff did not combat humidity. Shrinkage for me, is not cool. After my first BKT my curls weren't really looser, but they didn't frizz and I didn't need much in the way products. i've posted a link to my first BKT below....for my second one, I went to a Dominican salon and got a much stronger treatment, so this time my curls are a LOT looser, but i dont mind. my hair is now basically wash and go and i love it...and with a BKT the friggen shine and softness doesn't compare to ANYTHING in this world.

here is a review of my first BKT with a brand called Rejuvenol ( this one washed out really quickly for me after I used a conditioner with sodium chloride...so I got another one, which my made my curls ALOT looser...but still cute ( thank god):


Here is another 4a girl's review with the Brazilian Blow out brand:

(scroll to the bottom)

PM if you want more info. we can even chat on the phone if you'd like. I'm nuts about my hair, too! So i can walk you through it all!

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