I did my own keratin treatment at home!

I just did my first keratin treatment at home and am absolutely thrilled with the results. I think I like it better than when I had it done in a salon - looks just as good and for a fraction of the cost. I basically spent what I usually do for the "tip" on the entire thing. Well, I did buy a new flat iron (a babyliss ceramic on clearance for $24) and some accessories to help with the process, but the cost of the 4 oz keratin was $40! If anyone wants more specifics, let me know. Took 3 1/2 hours to do on my own hair. I could not of done it without the use of a fan and a tension comb from sally's. I tried to find the comb on line to post a picture of it from sally's, but I could find it on their website. I bought it in store for about $8 - invaluable in my opinion. Looks like this though:

I washed it out after 24 hours and it feels amazing. I wanted to wait and wash before I posted in case it was a flop. Not sure how long it will last - but, for right now, I am so happy!!
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in
I, too will be doing my next one at home...but it probably won't be for another 4 months or so....which brand did you use for your at home treatment?
Hi hairguru,

I bought the inoar brand from ebay. PM me if you want to know which seller I bought from. I know they also have a keratin for ethnic hair types as well. Do not attempt without the proper ventilation and I used a small fan on low speed (so it wouldn't blow my hair around) aimed directly on my face. Some fumes when you are flat ironing, but not anymore than when I had it in the salon. Plus, I took lots of short breaks while I was flatironing. I also did very small sections of hair - much smaller than when it was done in the salon and I think this made a huge difference too. It is actually too straight for me at this point, but I don't mind for the summer with the humidity. Let me know if you have any other questions.
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in
My sister's friend used thi sbrand and she says it made her hair PIN straight...she has naturally and curly Alicia Keyes curls...so this kind of scares me...did you wash yours right away? I'm not doing the 4day wait thing EVER agin

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