Brazilian blowout confusion

I'm still very confused about this whole brazilian blowout treatment. Do all of them straighten your hair or are there some that just make it shinier? The stylist I talked to said my hair would still be curly but from all the posts I'm seeing it seems as if it would destroy my curls and flatten them :/ I don't want that, I want my curls to be curly!
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I'm a 3 b/c and had the Brazilian Blowout about 3 weeks ago. It didn't straighten my hair, except it loosened my bangs a little. Otherwise, I'm still very much 3 b/c with less frizz. I've seen other posts where people have reported their hair was straight, so there does seem to be various results.

My results pretty much matched Michelle's (Naturally blog). My stylist said that unless you barely have any wave/curl at all, the BB won't straighten your hair, but will make is less frizzy.

She also said to be really careful that they are actually using BB, and not something generic. It could make a huge difference in results. I would say to definitely find a stylist that has a lot of experience with it and is BB certified.
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with the Brazilian blow out I'm hearing more and more that it simply eliminates frizz and makes straightening easier. With Brazilian Keratin treatments, I'm hearing that the degrees of straightening depends on the client's hair texture and the brand of product used.
I had the BB (about 5 weeks ago). I went from 3c to waves. I have read elsewhere that it depends on how much product is put on and how the flat iron process is done. My stylist knows I hate my curls so she put lots of product on in small sections and did a meticulous flat iron job. Hence I have straighter hair. Sounds like a bit of an art to me. I think you need to make sure you are with an experienced BB stylist and you need to have a discusion about how much curl you want left. My hair is most definitely straighter and I adore it!
What is the difference between the Coppola Keratin Treatment and a BB?
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