Return of frizz :(

So...I'm 4 weeks into my treatment and my curls are still a LOT looser , but I'm seeing a return of frizz. I purchased all the BB products, even though I got a bkt and the mask was GREAT last week. When I straightened my hair it looked fantastic...but now when i wear it curly my hair looks dull and frizzy . 2 weeks ago, my hair required very little product and maintenance, but now...I'm using more product to try to replicate the softness and sheen I had at first. Since the treatment is still VERY much in my hair except for the roots ( weird, right? I honestly dont think my hair is growing THAT quickly), I don't want to go in for another one until October at the earliest. Any thoughts?

Pics below before BKT...and pics of my hair i braided my hair last night in two braids and this morning i put in a leave in and some water to try to defrizz......I'm just NOT lovin it
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Return of frizz :(-photo-18.jpg   Return of frizz :(-photo-11.jpg  
I can remember feeling the same way after my first BB...about a month out I wanted to get it done again.

Remember, it IS progressive. The second and third time I did it, it had a lot more staying power.

Bear in mind I was wearing it straight the ENTIRE time. It wasn't until I started reading these threads that I realized that some peoples' objective was not to wear it straight. I was rockin' the Kim Kardashian look for a good year!

I haven't had BB done in 6 months and I have a definite root/rest distinction.

I think that people like you and I will have a different reaction to Keratin because we are not Caucasian. In a month or so, you could probably get it done again, but if I were you, after the 2nd time, I would stop for a while...maybe 6 months.

Everyone is different, though. My BB experience was mixed...definite highs and definite lows. Remember that hair want to do what's best for your hair in the long run.

If I were to do it all over again (and I still might), I would BB once or twice a year. No more. Soon, I will upload pics of my hair after doing BB 4x in one year. Not ideal.

Best of luck to you!
Yeah..this has been a crazy ride....i love it then i hate it then i love it then I'm's okay! Today=hate!

I guess because I didn't research my stylist enough, I got a crappy hair is like 3-4 different textures...I got the major frizz at the crown and obvious new growth or reversion at the roots...then as you go down the shaft the hair is mostly straight...and then the rest of of my hair is soft 3bish curls.....the back of my head is more's kind of the like the three textures of my hair have become even more magnified with this procedure....I'm going to a wedding in Jamaica on I'm pissed! i wanted to be able to wear my big loose/softer curls with this rate i have half a mind to go get the generic BKT sold at my local beauty supply and apply it to the crown. I'm doing an overnight treatment with the BB mask to see what happens...I really can't get another treatment on my whole head so soon because I'd be scared it would straighten out the rest of my curls.....the point of getting this procedure, for me, was to be able to stay away from heat and flat irons for three months so I can get to BSL....I do have to say that I have been taking major vitamins over the last 3 weeks...biotin, msm, and skin hair and nails 3 times a day...I wonder if this has anything to do with what I'm seeing on my head...:/

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