Not sure if my BB is "taking"

Just got a Global Keratin treatment today. Took 3 hrs ( and $400)....anyway.....looked fantastic when I left the salan. Full but straight and lots of body. Just a few hours later it was getting frizzy. I went back to the salon--and the stylist told me that she did not use the highest heat because my hair was straighteneing so easily---so she re -flat ironed it at the higher heat. Looked less full bodied--more shine and straighter. A few hours later----a lot more "body" ...not frizz...yet...but seems like it will be going there. And its only DAY 1 !!!!

Is this the salon or my hair? Is the BB just not taking. Should I go back again to the salon tomorrow?

I would appreciate any advice?

BTW--I am 3(c) with APL hair.
Not sure what to really tell you, but did the stylist use enough keratin in your hair? I've heard good things about global, so I am surprised to read this. Seems odd that she did not use the high heat the first time as this is what seals the keratin in. I just checked a global brochure I have and it states to flat iron the hair at 450 to seal the hair. For $400, I would expect someone to follow the instructions - perhaps this had something to do with it?? Anyways, I would call them and tell them it is starting to frizz again. Maybe they can do the first wash for you and see how your hair is doing. I would keep at them until you are happy - that is way too much money to throw around. Good Luck and keep us posted.
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Same thing happened to me. My hair was super frizzy even before I left the salon and I paid $250. The next day my hair looked horrible, so on Monday I rinsed my hair and wore it out curly. My hair is now I believe 3b (I'm 3c/4a) and I can of love the way that it looks curly. If anything, I will continue to get the BKT because of how much easier it is to take care of my hair.
so on Day 2 I am...shall I say...."fluffy". Its straightish....but well you get the idea. The salon said they will look at ti on Fri when I go back for my wash out. I am hoping they will giv eme a free do-over.

after waiting so and doing my research I am so disappointed right now....
Oh and by the way, you didn't get a BB, you got a BKT (. Brazillian Blowout is a brand and applied differently than most BKTs..

BKT has been trial and error with me. Many of the brands out there just do not take on kinkier hair the 3cs and 4as....The stylist will need to be familair with your hair type to know to apply it to your hair. Hair like mine, needs at least 3 ounces and that stuff has to sit in your hair for like 30 minutes before the 2nd blow dry and flat ironining begins. Did she do that? Did she allow it to sit on your hair for 30 minutes?

for my 1st bkt I got rejuvenol "boosted" on my 4a curls...but that night, I had curls in my hair! lol...when i washed it out a few days later...bam...4a curls with a slightly softer texture...this was a free bkt, so I can't complain, however, i was still annoyed when it washed out completely 2 weeks later.

2nd try...i got a MUCH stronger bkt at a dominican salon. It was a product straight from brazil and it DID the job and then some. had curls in some places, but my hair was almost straight...2 weeks later I had noticibale curl return and by week 3 I was still a 3b, but with major was my own fault for using giovanni tea tree shampoo which, as it turns out, has sea salt in it, and products with cirtic acid( which is my own theory, but I believe can also chip at a BKT)...anyway I HATED it!

3rd try...I did it myself. I bought the Coppola from a retailer near my apt, and now i'm where I want to be. curly or straight, I'm loving it. The next time i bkt I will again apply it myself, but will be using the Marcia Tex brand which is really the only reputable brand for more ethnic texture.

I only applied the coppola because it was the only brand carried at the retailer and i needed to fix my hair asap!...anyway, it did the job...but i think mostly because i still had the remnants of old BKT on my hair, so it didn't have to work as hard. Trust me, if and when you did it again, it will take a lot better
thanks for your reply--The salon did NOT let the keratin set in my hair before the blowdry. She also blow dried with a round bristle brush---I saw somewhere that they should not use a brush--is that true?

I hope they give me another treatment--I was really splurging on the treatment because I am so sick of wearing my hair in a bun..but it is realy to expensive for me right now--so this just sucks!!
Since this stuff is expensive AND time consuming I doubt they'll do it again for free. Everyone's hair takes differently to this treatment, so it's not like she did anything wrong. Some people don't need it to sit for 30 minutes and it works fine for them. Was your stylist accustomed to doing this treatment on your type of hair? How many ounces did she use on your hair? for AML 3c, at least 3.5 ounces should be used.
There are only 3 salons in town that do BKT and the reason I chose this salon is because they work with mostly women of color. My stylist has probably 4a/b hair herself. I visited the salon for a consultation before hand with my hair down from a twist out so they could really see my texture.

I was a bit worried that they worked with women that already have relaxers but they told me they also do natural hair,

I hope is looks better curly. I will update...thanks
What DID you want your hair to look like after the treatment?

I don't use the 450 heat when I do it myself because I don't want my curls to become too loose, however, if she just opted to not use 450 degree heat because your hair was straightening with less heat that's just silly. Heat is super important in the process.

As for brush versus no brush, i don't think it makes a difference.
well...I was hoping that it would stay straight aftera blow dry and flat ironing and stay frizz free when curly in a wash and go. Its really humid where I live and although I can blow dry it fairly easily and flat iron and get a shiney texture----it lasts about 1 hour if I am lucky in air conditioning. If I go outside I have maybe 15 min and its totally gone. Same with a wash and go. It looks nice and curly ( very curly but curly none the less) if I let it dry inside in air conditioning all day and then maybe go out to dinner 2 hours max...all inside in aircon. If we eat al fresco...its gonzo alonzo. Of course all of the nice restaurants are al fresco now and my kids love eating outside when we are home as well.

I just wanted to keep a style either curly or straight for an entire day outside. Maybe it was too much to ask.

My wash out is tomorrow--fingers crossed.
My hair was the same way. I think your results will be similar to mine after rejuvenol. softer texture with more defined curls that will need less product, but will STILL need product.

Try Marcia Tex for your next one. I hear that one is the best for 4/a and 3/c..
So I finally washed my hair and left it to air dry. There is something different, but that very much. I am about 1/2---- 3c and 4a. So my hair is a bit straighter at the root and ever so slightly less shrinkage,,,but I would say it makes me completely 3c. Not noticeably different from when I am a dry climate ( its 90% humidity here). So for $400, not much to show. I have a re-do tomorrow. So I will report on how the second go round goes---
stay tuned.........
So my hairstylist did agree to redo my BKT. This time she let the shampoo sit for 20 min. Then after applying the keratin, she let that sit for 30 min and then did a blow dry with an air brush.

I could definitely tell the difference in the blowdry. Much more smoke and fumes!!!! But my hair was soft and straight. After the flat iron--again much straighter. During the first day it started to get some humidity. I touched up with a flat iron and then kept my hair back most of the time with a silk scarf as a tie. I do have a gentle "bend" but my hair is otherwise smooth and straight with enough body to look very natural.

I will wash out tomorrow--so I'll update again on how it looks drying natural.

stay tuned......

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Letting it sit in the hair for at least 30 minutes and then flat ironing at 450 teeny teeny tiny sections is key! hair like ours won't have it any other way! definitely "took" this time. I did a co-wash of my hair and air dried without any product and its about 3a I would say. Its also really soft. I am usually 3c with some 4a. So I am really pleased. Haven't decided if I am going to blow it out as I was kinda liking having my hair so long and silky but curly is nice too.

Thanks for all the advice!!!!
I'm not too familiar with these treatments, but I heard that you are supposed to stay away from humid conditions for 72 hours. Is it possible it was humid outside? This will cause it to not "take"
4a-4b hair. Not sure yet so I'll just say both!
is the short answer. Not taking only occurs if it's not applied correctly ( ie not enough heat/product is used) and the brand used is not what's needed for your hair texture. 3cs, 4as need a stronger treatment because the curls are tighter. The treatment needs to sit on the hair for 30 minutes before the flat iron is applied. If it's done correctly the most humid conditions won't affect the hair. no frizz. no poof. When I got the Donna Bella Perla BKT ( which didn't require the waiting period) I stood out in the rain, the rain! And not one sign of poo***e or reversion!
I think this is the reason initially that salons would not perform keratin treatments on black women. Our tight curls did not respond as readily, and I guess no one thought to try repeating the process back to back until the desired curl pattern was achieved. Besides...who would pay for back-to-back treatments at $350 - 400 a pop? Never mind dealing with a bunch of dissatisfied customers.

After reading over and over that results seemed to be cumulative over time and that the looser the starting curl pattern, the more dramatic the results, and being very disappointed in my own initial result, I decided to experiment myself with back-to-back applications. So glad I did, and I've never looked back. It's not for everyone, but my life is 1000x easier now. Had I had this as a child/teen, I would be a completely different person now. My hair negatively affected just about everything in my life.

But, yeah, it sounds like this person didn't follow the instructions and use the proper temperature. It's not about "how quickly" the hair straightens. What kinda mess is that??? I'm glad she agree to a redo--it's only right since she did it incorrectly in the first place. That's why I have to laugh every time I read that this procedure should only be performed by trained professionals. You'd be surprised how uneducated and untrained many hair stylists are. Dangerously so, in fact. A little common sense, basic reading comprehension, some product research, and a lot of patience (and an extra set of hands), are all that are truly required.

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I do, however, have to disagree with one point, the back to back treatments aren't necessarily required if you use a stronger forumula. But you are right about stylist's being clueless. The white stylist that did my first BKT didn't know WTF she was doin and i could tell, but had to sit there and watch her make a mess. I was fuming!! Now I'm a DIYer and I'm much much happier. I still need to find my HG BKT treatment though. so far Rejuvenol and Coppolla get the thumbs down. Both aren't strong enough to give me the results i want and last me like 2 weeks, no lie. Now I'm debating among La Brasiliana, Softliss, QOD max/gold, and Inoar...Ugh! So many!

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