Confused about "sulfate free" shampoos PLZ HELP

I'm going to be getting the BKT done and I have 2 "sulfate free" shampoos that I use already that claim to be sulfate free but i want to be 100% sure they would be okay to use post the BKT? For reference one is Bonacure hairtherapy Color Save Sulfate free shampoo and the other is Pureology Hydrate shampoo..does anyone use these shampoos who have the BKT? TIA
Do not use any other shampoo other than a BKT shampoo. Sulfates do not harm a BKT, although you may not love them on your hair. Salt/ aka sodium chloride is the only thing that will remove your BKT. In fact, the rejuvenol ( a bkt brand) shampoos that i have used with my BKT is just fine. I use it once every 10 days and i have no issues. It is sodium chloride free, but not sulfate free. It is sold for 18 dollars on

I have attempted to use other sulfate free shampoos that HAVE in fact removed my BKT because they contain salt derivatives. Even the BB brand products didn't work well with my BKT because they contain sodiums and Disodiums. They def helped remove my BKT. I even tried the Giovanni tea tree shampoo, only to later find out that it does have sea salt in it. I'm not a fan of spending so much time and money only to have something, over time, chip away at my precious BKT.

Puroelogy shampoo contains:

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate. These same ingredients are in the BB products and the Giovanni green tea shampoo....they both chipped at my BKT forcing me to do it again in only 3 weeks!


I can't find the ingredients in the Bonacure Color Save Shampoo, but if you see the word sodium or sea salt, stay away. Sulfates, aren't great for the hair, and if you can find a sulfate free BKT shampoo go for it, but until then...just stay away from any sodiums...I also stay away from citric acid, but that's just my own theory!
I've been considering using DevaCurl's No-poo Cleanser instead of buying shampoo. Do any of you think it's a good alternative?
if you see the word Sodium or salt. Stay away.
ok..thnx soo much hairguru..kinda sucks bc those shampoos are expen$ive..but its def. not worth to ruin the BKT
if you see the word Sodium or salt. Stay away.
Originally Posted by Hairguru17

Thaks HairGuru! I need to purchase the same products you use and try them.

I was using Devacurl low-poo and I think it was fine for my hair. Didn't notice any problems with it harming the BKT. I did not like Pureology even though it was suppose to be safe for BKT. Once I used up my devacurl, I bought Kim Vo shampoo at Ulta and have been happy with it. Expensive, but I use the smallest amount, so I think it will last a long time. I color my hair, so thought his would be best for the color and BKT.
For condish, I am using the global BKT conditioner that I bought at a local salon that is doing Global BKT's. I like it so far, but need some more moisture in my hair.
3B dark brown shoulder length
Co-wash, Living Proof No frizz, Biolage Gel, Giovanni vitapro fusion leave in
I had the BKT done, and my stylist recommended the Coppola Keratin Complex Care Shampoo which I really like. She also recommended Devacare One Conditioner which is great also and smells good!

BTW, I love my hair after the BKT. I do have to blow it dry and just run a flat iron through it quickly but nothing at all like the 45 minutes I used to spend! My cut also looks better because the layers around my face now show. Hope you love it as much as I do, and good luck!
if you see the word Sodium or salt. Stay away.
Originally Posted by Hairguru17

Thaks HairGuru! I need to purchase the same products you use and try them.

Originally Posted by AphroDiva

You're welcome! I plan on making my own leave in with a little bit of my coppolla bkt in it too ..just haven't found the right base leave in yet. Hask Placenta has has Alcohol SD in it, so I probably won't go that route. I'll keep you posted. I def need something with more moisture

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