dry scalp and keratin


I've done Coppola three times now and have had good results. I have noticed after each time I get a really dry, flaky scalp. It tends to fade with time but it looks like dandruff. Any feedback or experience?


This happened to me with my first BKT that my hairdresser did. It wasn't a lot of flakes but they were annoying! It seemed to go away relatively quick.
I have since done a DIY BKT with the same product and I have had no flakes.
My theory is that my hairdresser got it on my scalp. When I did it myself I did it about an inch away from my scalp.
Yes I've got it a bit but I have a dry scalp anyway.
I usually use vinegar on my scalp but don't think i'll be able to use this after doing the bkt as it strips the hair.

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