Ethnic Hair Brazilian Blowout vs BKT

My long hair is EXTREMELY thick, coarse and dense. The perfect storm for being unmanageable. Positive for this texture is I rarely see a split end and trim every 8 weeks one inch. It's a growth machine!! Negative is it takes forever to just dry. Which led me to try the Brazilian Blowout (it failed) and later BKT by Marcia Teixeira (worked wonders).

Both by certified stylists:

Brazilian Blowout - Irritated my scalp. I must be allergic to whatever this company will not reveal as the "proprietary polymers." As to longevity, mine started to revert in 3 weeks. Think frizz and poof ball look.

Marcia Teixeira - No irritation to my scalp, ingredients are clearly listed on the bottle (appreciate the honesty). No reversion even at 5 weeks and amazingly smooth waves.

Bottomline, I'm hispanic with 3c/4a high tension wire thick hair that must have thought the Brazilian Blowout formula was a joke. Marcia Teixeira (original BKT formula) taught it a lesson in submission.

I love my hair, how fast it is to dry and easy to style. If you have my hair type I would recommend you go for something like Marcia Teixeira or QOD which seems to work on a more difficult/resistant hair type.

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Thanks for the great post. I agree 100%

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