What am I doing wrong? (encanto do brasil keratin)

I've used encanto do brasil keratin treatment a few times. Its one that you can wash your hair the same day as the application. Anyway the treatment seems to be wearing off VERY fast.I used some random conair straightener that said "high heat" on the package so I assumed its good enough for the treatment. I've been conditioning everyday with everstrong sulfate free conditioner and clarifying every week or so with the provided clarifying shampoo. I am also very active and sweat alot. Is one or more of these causing it to wear off so fast?? Thanks
Couple of things sound like they could be wrong. Are you using the clarifying shampoo that came with the treatment meant to prepare the hair for the keratin? If you are, this could be the problem. This shampoo is only for using before the BKT and never after. It will strip away the keratin. Also, I don't know if your straightner is hot enough. If it doesn't say anywhere that it heats to 450, then I would get a new straightner. I wouldn't go through the painsaking process of keratin without the proper heat.
I think the sweating with contribute to some wear off, but I think the main problem is your shampoo. I would suggest you only use the everstrong line for shampoo and condish or buy a new shampoo that is sodium free.
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but the main culprit is DEF the clarifying shampoo. Second would be the flat iron.

Lastly, it could be the BKT. Not all BKTs are created equal. For me, Coppolla doesn't work. Did the treatement 4 times, to the letter, at home and my results ( as slight as they were) lasted 2 weeks, if that.
the directions say that I can use the clarifying shampoo daily so I dont think that is the problem. I'm deffinately going to buy a new straightener and I'm probably going to buy new conditioner as well. Any suggestions on a good brand of conditioner and straightener and where I can buy them online? Thanks alot
the clarifying shampoo came w/your bkt? in a kit? and it says to use it every day? or does it say ,"safe for daily use?"

Folica.com has the best flat irons and if you google you'll find coupons. I bought the sedu revolution on there and it's the best flat iron EVER

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