Help--BKT safe Clarifying Shampoos

So my QOD arrived and I am getting excited about doing a DIY BKT. The issue now is clarifying shampoos. They don't have a large variety of brands where I live. I have studied the labels for " Sodium Chloride" but some brands have "Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate" which I don't know if its some type of salt or not.

The Products I have found so far are Avalon Organics Lemon Claryfying Shampoo and Paul Mitchell Clarifying shampoo.

If anyone knows if these products are BKT safe---PLS let me know--
many thanks,
Don't you usually look for bKT safe products for AFTER the bkt is applied?

If you are looking for a bkt safe clarifying shampoo to help preserve your existing bKT while you apply the qod max, you may be out of luck!

Most of us who apply on top of an existing BKT take the chance that the shampoo we use may strip the existing bkt on our hair. One shampoo won't kill your existing bkt, especially if you don't over do it. I tried using Giovanni Tea trea shampoo as my clarifying shampoo,but i think the tea tree in the shampoo prevented my bkt from bonding my hair. I have used suave daily clarifying shampoo which doesn't contain sodium chloride, but since it's a claryfying shampoo, it probably has other stripping ingredients.

If you are looking for POST BKT care, that's another issue, and you'll have PLENTY to choose from there. But for prebkt application, any clarifying shampoo will have to do.
thanks----I was thinking that I need to preserve the exisitng treatment. Did not realize that any clarifying shampoo was ok...Thanks a bunch. Wore myself out looking for salt free claryfying shampoo
I don't see the big issue. If it strips it a little, big deal. You're applying another treatment. Also, Suave daily clarifying is salt free. Paid $1.50 for a huge bottle. Didn't your QOD max come with a shampoo?
No Suave here unfortunately. They don't have that brand in Asia at all. I just got the Keratin only----a large bottle from eBay. Really good price but no pre or post treatment stuff. So I also need to find a good post treatment conditioner ( I am nearly no-poo--- i usually co-wash---just once a month poo when I henna). There are so many chemicals with "sodium" in the name. Its hard to tell which ones are salt or salt derivatives and which are completely different. Will go with the Avalon Organics for the clarifying poo----now---just need to find a good conditioner and I am all set. I have some of the Global Keratin conditioner left so I am ok for a wekk or so.

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