Deep Conditioner vs. Protein Treatment

Help! I'm so confused. Are deep conditioners and protein treatments the same thing? CAN they be the same thing? I'm currently using Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Moisturizing Treatment. Is this a protein treatment or a deep conditioner? AAGGHH! So frustrating!

Hair: 4b
Wash/Co-wash/Deep Condish: Sulfate/paraben free. I keep the silicone to a minimum. (I mix it up as my budget allows!)
Leave-in: SheaMoisture Styling Milk
Oil: African Royale Hot Six
Deep conditioning treatments are used to help moisturize the hair and keep it from being brittle and having breakage. Protein treatments are used to strengthen the hair and is sometimes used to revitalize curl pattern. There are conditoners and treatments that do contain both... The question is what does it say on the bottle that you are currently using. Protein can dry out the hair if used too much or if your hair does not need protein. The best thing to do is to pull out a strand of your hair and break it in half. If the strand stretches then snaps, that means you have maybe too much moisture in your hair. if the strand automatically breaks off it means too much protein... hope I helped a little.

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