An interesting message from BKT ebay seller Braziliankertain as I've mentioned b4 I purchased a "5 ounce QOD max sample" from this seller 6-7 weeks ago. When I got it it was REALLY watery, and didn't look or smell like the real deal. I tried it, and afterwards I noticed increased shedding of long strands of hair. I left this seller negative feedback for 3 reasons( in no particular order).

1. He sold me 4 ounces not 5
2. It's just not QOD max.
3. My hair began to shed!

I left this feedback several weeks ago, and I just got some responses a few days ago. Anyway, read below. I'd love to read your thoughts.


we would happily refund your money if you were dissatisfied with product. WHy didn't you send a message? why leaving negative feedback? it seems to me that could have been a mistake with your order. Why didn't you report it?.

Dear braziliankeratin,

I left negative feedback because I think other buyers should know that you don't sell authentic QOD max. You just don't. It'a not about the money. It's about being honest.

Dear braziliankeratin,

Also! My hair has been shedding and I've done many many many treatments. My hair has only been shedding like this since using yours!

Dear ,
Sorry for the inconvenience that
this could cause to you and your negative
There's many reason why hair could be falling or
breaking and I will like to do my best to help
understand why is this happening.
Professionals and clients are blaming the product
when situations like this happen, but they dont
understand that it is not the keratin itself, it
is actually the person who does the treatment ,
the one responsible for the results. Keratin is
just a reconditioning treatment, it does not
change the structure of the hair like relaxers do.
So it only acts from the outside creating a
crystal layers that when it dries and hair is
straight , it will keep it that way until it
starts to fade away. Keratin it is just a
conditioner with an active ingredient (cosmetic
alcohol, known as formaldehyde, same one use for
toothpaste )
The keratin treatment itself won't make the hair
fall or break. Believe me, most of the time it is
the flat ironing process what will make the hair
damage. And no much people are well trained to use
a flat iron on hair, less to use a flat iron that
reach up to 450 F temperature!. We have seen
companies telling everyone to go over a length of
hair 5 to 8 times as a main rule to seal keratin
treatment. And this is dangerous!. you cant not
treat a hair that is fragile same as one is
healthier. Using a flat iron 5-8 times on a
fragile (previously chemically treated hair) will
result on hair falling or breaking in matter of
Also if a person does the treatment themselves, no
matter how professional or elastic they are,
there's no possible way to get the best of this
treatment, 80% chances of damaging your hair will
Using keratin repeatedly too often, will end up
damaging your hair as well. try to wait 3 months
in between treatments.
Also please make sure your hairdresser uses the
right professional tool and is following all

cont) We recommend to you not to use this product
for a while unless you really find someone that is
well trained and understand the flat ironing
process. Like you said it is not about the
money.So you might need to spend more to find
someone that knows what they are doing.
this is a professional product and it is intended
to be use by professionals only.
Also, please understand that QOD products we
import, are not in standard bottle, they come in
big containers so , the mixing and coloring,
texture of product could be different at those one
filled in Brazil.
This product works if applied professionally. We
think this is important at the end what results
are (if applied by professionals).

WE rocomend to stop using this product for a
while, or maybe to try a different product, but
base on the information you have provide, we
already know what the issue was. So feel free to
ask any technical question, we will be more than
happy to assist you. Sorry we could not help you
before you left neg feedback. :-) but we are here
to help you.

thanks very much!.

- braziliankeratin

I definitely agree that people are probably frying their hair with too-high flat irons during the BKT process. My hair was damaged by the highlights earlier this year, and now I shed like a husky in August when I do my full-head BKT application. But, the BKT itself will not harm your hair if you do it repeatedly, so they contradict themselves right there. AD and I have done numerous applications, and neither of us has any problem with damage. My hair has done nothing but grow. Anyone can thermally damage their hair with a flat iron at any time.

I don't believe that having this done "professionally" yields any better results because I haven't yet found a "professional" who truly understands as much about hair anatomy/physiology as they should, and most "professionals" don't truly understand BKT either. A professional can get a better angle with the flat iron and do a better job in the back of the head, but my bf does a great job with that; that's just a matter of knowing what to do.

I don't know...they probably are not defrauding anyone. They seem to be trying to be honest and helpful.

Baby fine, honey & caramel hilites, 4a/3c now 2b w/DIY BKT & LOVIN' it.
Cowash-V05 Extra Body
L'oreal EP Moisture-Rinse-out
BRHG mix w/
KCCC/KCKT (winter)
Clean-smelling-hair freak washes EOD; dry w/bowl diffuser
Cassia+henna+grays=Gold-red hilites
~That you don't share my experiences/opinions doesn't invalidate them
I wondered if it tasted like a hot dog. ~Phoenix
Thanks for the heads-up on that seller. I purchased Coppola twice from ebay. The first time I couldn't remember what color it should be, and what I got was white. The second time, I ordered a 4oz orginial bottle and it was brown.

Later I ordered Creme de la Mer from another seller. I got Creme de la Mer jars filled with Nivea. I emailed that I wanted a refund. The reply was I would get a refund if I left positive feedback along with a sob story about being handicapped and having to support a family. I refused to contribute to the fraud and posted a complaint with Paypal.

I have little faith in the sellers on ebay who can modify and contaminate a product and have no problem cheating people.

It's a lesson to us all to be careful. Hopefully, the damage has not been too bad.

Thanks for standing up to the seller for all of us.

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