Do sulfates strip the keratin quicker?

The last time I had the Keratin treatment done in the salon I noticed they used the Marcia Teixeira Brand. I was curious about what ingredients are in this so I went on the producte website and here is an excerpt from the site: "Do NOT wet, wash or use any clips or pins (or anything) on your hair for FOUR days. After the fourth day, shampoo and condition your hair with products free of sodium chloride and sulfates, which will strip the keratin from the hair."
I know about not using sodium chloride but the "after care" shampoo I was give by the salon listed ammonium lauryl sulfate as 2nd ingredient. If sulfates strip the keratin then why do the "after keratin" treatments use sulfates?
many of the aftercare shampoos have some sulfates, and my only guess is that these sulfates aren't the ones harsh enough to strip the bkt. I've gotten to the point where I shampoo once a month when I deep condition, and this is the only time that I use my BB shampoo, which says it's sulfate and sodium chloride free, but has. Honestly, unless you ae straightening your hair, I would try not to shampoo. Co wash every day if you have too, but I just put the shampoo down to play it safe. There are BKT after care shampoos without the work sodium and/or sulfate, and those are the ones I would consider at this point. This crap is too expensive, and time consuming to have to do frequently due to an early washout.
Yeah, it's likely a tactic to increase the odds that clients will come back in sooner for a redo. Don't use it--at least not more than once a month.

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Thanks for the info
The shampoo I bought is called Rejuvenol Keratin after treatment shampoo. I am no longer using this or any shampoo as long as I can stand to. Just conditioner washing.

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