Mai Hair Brazilian Keratin Treatment???

Anyone have this done? I'm having it done tonight and cannot find anything anywhere on the internet about it except for their site and a utube they have on the process.
I think my hair is 2C Curl/frizz hair. So looking forward to no more FRIZZ!
Welcome to Mai Hair
How did it go?
I'm looking to buy some from ebay since its the most reasonable priced treatment.

Co-wash: Suave coconut
Condish: Biolage conditioning balm
leave in: Suave condish
Styling: Blended Beauty Frizz pudding, BRHG, Blended Beauty Styling lotion,
Technique: Ice queen method/plop/sleep in a pineapple
I just bought some for five bucks on ebay. I really didn't expect to win but I did. If you have a review for it please post it. Thanks.

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