Has anyone tried the inoar ghair?

I use QOD max white, but need an alternative to their lanolin containing formula for someone with a really bad lanolin allergy.

Thanks in advance for any info.
In the hair salon where I did my first bkt, they used Inoar.The Ghair keratin is the strongest one.
The results are great,my hair was thick and coarse 2c-3a and now they are a barely 2a after 1,5 month ,silky and shiny!
It is one of the best brands according to hairdresser..
Thanks! I think I will try this one on my mom and post the results.
So this brand has lanolin too (ingredient list on the online sites is not even close to what the bottle says). So I used this on my own hair. I have to say iI love the smell. No chocolate nastiness, it smells like, well shampoo (albeit with chemicals). It did sting my eyes just a bit, but the fumes were much less than QOD max or QOD max white. Seemed to work just as well, without having to wait. I also noticed the shampoo is slightly basic, PH above 7.
Hmmm,I m not really sure but now I ve tried Qod max I think Inoar must have more drastic ingredients.I mean my hair now has waves,while with Inoar I had super straight and frizzy-less results..
Unless it's because of the procedure (I had Inoar treatment in a salon) , then Qod isn't as strong as it is presented in here..

Glad for ur results anyway
That's the weird thing - Inoar made my hair straighter, but Qod White made it 'smoother'. My hair felt silky with QOD, but had little wavy bends still. Inoar ghair left my hair feeling pretty much the same texture, but totally removed curl and volume. Ghair however didn't sting my eyes and nose nor produce as much smoke as QOD white. QOD Max was effective too, but I can't tolerate the smell for 48+ hours - blech. Granted, this could all be technique related.

Seriously tempted buy some wool swatches and experiment since I have 3 kinds of BKT here.
This is definitelymy favorite brand so far...the only issue I have with ghair inoar is that I seem to get dandruff with it about a week after the treatment. Usually a good cleanse to the scalp and it goes away. I have been told that this is excess keratin that flakes off the scalp so if you apply too much then this will happen.
I tried Inoar Ghair for the first time last night. I bought it on ebay for pretty cheap. The application was a bit messy for me, as I'm in an apartment that isn't super ventilated. It made my eyes water and when I straightened it it was smoky. I was skeptical. I've tried lots of different treatments to little avail. My 3A/B hair is extremely coarse and stubborn. Lately, my hair has been growing in super curly. I think it has to do with stopping birth control about a year ago. So I have nice curls at the bottom and tight fuzz growing in at the top. It made it impossible to wash my hair and go out. I always had to straighten it. I was very frustrated with it, and more jealous than ever of my silky-haired friends.
The Ghair keratin treatment does not have to sit on your hair for a few days, as keratin treatments I've done in the past do. You can wash it out right away. This is a huge plus for me, as I hated walking around with greasy-looking, smelly chemical hair last time I got a treatment in the salon.
As soon as I washed this out, I knew immediately my hair was different. It felt like someone else's hair. It was straight and soft. I blow dried it and it was barley frizzy. I almost cried. I've never had that before. Blow drying my hair has always been a hot, fuzzy nightmare. It's only day one... but I'm so excited. It took me no time to get ready for work for once. No slaving away with heat tools like I usually do. So far, I think this product is incredible.

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