After my experience, I feel it is necessary to share my experience so that no one else goes through the horror that I've been through.

This product is marketed as an "organic" protein treatment, similar to a BKT, only it uses "natural" ingredients, no formaldehyde, and its reversion is slower.

They are Full.Of.****. I got the process done, $230 bucks on my 3c hair back in August hoping to get less frizzt curls in Houston. It is December and my curls show no sign of reversion period. My hair looks like it has been permed. What was beautiful 3c curls is now a wavy pile of crap.

I am so upset about this treatment. I've cried, but I'm trying to talk myself into believe that it is just hair and it will grown. Well, here I go transitioning again.

Do not get this service done to your hair, unless you want a perm. Then you can get this expensive perm.

Surface Hair Health Art Link


Surface just contacted me and they have assured me that the product does last 6 months AND then it will slowly revert out. This explains WHY my hair hasn't shown curls reversion yet. They even sent me products -complimentary0 to help expedite the reversion, however they stress it will still take time. I am hopeful that my curls will come back.

This treatment is meant for someone who doesn't much curl in their hair and prefers straight hair without damaging chemicals. It takes 90% of the curl out. I didn't know this. So to be fair to the company, this product did what it said it would do. They said in order to achieve the results of a traditional BKT, I should have done a less intensive process that would just reduce frizz. But since I went with the most intensive process- the straightening- I'm experiencing what I am now.

Unlike a perm, I must say, my hair is still very healthy. When I got perms, my hair never showed health like this. Its very soft and easy to detangle and straightening is very easy (although I've done it only 2wice since I'm ready for my curls to be back). And I must admit that their other products are very nice for my hair. I've used them and loved them.

I appreciate the company's willingness to help me through this.
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I'm sorry about your experience ((((((((((GuyanaGal718 )))))))))

Good luck with your transition and you are right, it's just hair, it grows back anyway. We live and learn

Lots of companies will use synonyms to get around the bad rep that relaxers have with us curly girls. So anything that means "relaxing" will be used in place of it--smoothing, silkening, taming, whatever...

Again, so sorry this happened to you
What "chemical free" relaxer will last for 6 months?????

The jury is still out for me on these kinds of statments because I'm really beginning to suspect that the heat, not the product itself is what straightens the hair. This is just my theory on the matter, but I'm skeptical that an all organic product would really do that to your hair.

I'm about 6 months into a BKT that I had done at a dominican salon and it really hasn;t shown much reversion either. Some, for sure, but really my 4 inches of growth at the roots is what's really reverted....which is okay, because I just do at home BKTS to match the texture, but I do think that higher levels of heat can bring about straighter and longer lasting results with most of these treatments.

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