Brazillian Blowout Masque questions

Does anyone have a list of the ingredients in this product, and/or an opinion of it? My stylist used some on my hair, and it was great, but it is very pricey and I am not sure it would be worth it...any alternatives?
Apparently there's a big controversy as to whether or not Brazilian Blowout honestly discloses the ingredients in their products. Oregon OSHA investigated Brazilian Blowout because of health complaints from stylists who worked with it. Oregon OSHA found high levels of formaldehyde in certain Brazilian Blowout products that were marketed as formaldehyde-free. The CA Attorney General is suing Brazilian Blowout for failure to disclose cancer causing ingredients in their products. The company is suing OR OSHA and alleging the tests were wrong. Canada has banned Brazilian Blowout products because of the levels of formaldehyde. Canada has also banned several other brands of straightening products that contain keratin.

Fight over Brazilian Blowout hair treatment heats up - Sacramento Living - Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee
Health Canada bans the sale of 10 hair straightening products | TopNews United States
I know! After finding this out, I think I'll stick to non-chemical methods of straightening for now.

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