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Hi everyone,

I sell the kit for QOD MAX ORGANIC Brazilian composed of 800 ml + 800 ml of shampoo clarifies keratin formaldehyde free chocolate 200ml + 200ml of shampoo and conditioner, rinse immediately for 190$.
It is a natural smoothing of keratin-based and cocoa that does not damage the hair, smoothing your hair up to whatever your hair type (colored, highlighted, permed, straightened). It provides a silky, shiny and natural to your hair, for a period of 3 -4 months. If anyone is interested contact me at sams_princess@hotmail.fr.
Hi everyone. After so many request we now have the MAX Original formula back but with a new name. The formula now is called KeraPremium original BKT system and its already listed on Ebay and soon will be listed on our website. You can also place an order by calling our office at 18007311830.
Any questions let us know.
I did the treatment over the weekend and left it on for about 24 hours before washing it out. I did about 10 passes on each piece of hair. This was the QOD MAX Organiq so I wasn't really expecting a straighter effect (even though I was kinda hoping for it!)

Overall so far I must say it's made my hair a lot softer, shinier, and less frizzy with more curl definition. But it didn't really change my curl pattern at all. However my hair is pretty much back to how it was before I colored it (loreal hicolor hilites w/30 vol developer), so I'm happy with that because it was really dry, frizzy, and knotted easily after I colored it and I was very sad that I had damaged my hair.

We'll see how it goes. Any of you know how long I should wait before I apply the treatment again? I'm really tempted to do it tonight but I just did it 2 days ago so it would probably be a waste...
type 3a/b, baby fine to medium, normal to high porosity except the canopy which is high.
recently chopped off about 4" - HOW LIBERATING!!! Learning to love my hair again instead of hating it for being a knotty mess.

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