I had the Copolla Keratin Treatment done, but now I want to get rid of it.

This is my 3rd time getting it, but this was only a root touch-up. I've had my full head done twice, and after this one, I decided not to do it anymore. My head kind of burned while the treatment was being put in and my eyes watered up and it scared me, since I've heard bad things about the chemicals in the treatments, even though Copolla is formaldehyde free. So now I'm trying to grow it out, but my problem is that my hair went from 3b curls to straight. Not a little bit of curl. It's just straight. And doesn't fade out for a long time; my roots start to grow in before the rest of my hair gets curly. Any advice for reversing the treatment? And anything that may calm my nerves of getting cancer from the chemicals? PLEASE help me, I'm kind of in a panic.
That's kinda strange that this one seemed to burn and the others didn't. Perhaps because it was a root touch up and the stylist concentrated on the roots. You are not suppose to get it on your scalp. I'm pretty sure that coppola has aldehydes in it, which is a derivative of formaldehyde.
I would add some sea salt to a strong cleansing shampoo and lather up a few times if you want to get rid of it.
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The Coppola definitely has some form of aldehydes in it. I've had it done twice on my whole head, but I can't remember if it burned. I remember my eyes burning, though.

My hair usually stays straight for only 2+ months, but I wash my hair every day. (I am about a 2b/c before and then a 2a afterwards). The more you wash it, the quicker it will come out. Try using a shampoo that has sodium chloride in it.

Don't worry about getting cancer. If that's the case, a lot of people are in trouble.
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