Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy

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FABULOUS!- Shine shine and pretty soft relaxed curls. Not straight, but relaxed. If we used the right flat iron, and she wasn't so active, I'm sure it could have gotten even more straight. Now it's all about how long it lasts. Will update!
Originally Posted by Hairguru17
Wow! Glad to hear she had such great results. I think people are putting too much on the hair. I imagine the more you apply the stronger the smell. Any demonstrations I have seen it's basically just coated not saturated. Some use a spray bottle to apply. My hair is work right now and I just straightened it. I might wait a few days to give it a break from the heat and stress.
Originally Posted by Mizzash
I wouldn't use a spray bottle with the organix bkt. it's thick and creamy and I'd want to be able to feel the level of coating on the hair strands. But I'm an old pro at applying BKTs, so I know what feels right. I agree, using too much would obviously create more fumes, and more odor.

ps. I had previously done a QOD max bkt on her "leave out," and the results were not as great as with this. She felt QOD max just washed out after the second wash. She thinks this is MUCH better. She also raved about how straight it got with just the use of a blow dryer! Her hair texture is naturally very soft, but like I said, very tightly curly ( 4a), so this is amazing.
I just tried the Organix brazilian keratin therapy yesterday. My hair feels rough and coated. It is also very puffy and frizzy today. It was not like that last night. It did lighten my brown 4a hair There are strands in my hair that appear somewhat gold colored. I actually like the color. Maybe I did not use enough. I followed the directions exactly.
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Hi everyone,

I just did the treatment today- well, technically my mom did it, and I will be doing it on her hair tomorrow. I have high-lift blonde hair that I got highlighted a week ago. So, it's a medium golden blonde with a bunch of light blonde highlights. So far I have not noticed any change in color which was one of my biggest concerns.

We used the brush and bowl method to apply it and combed through each section. I think this may be one thing that some people aren't doing and they end up putting on way too much product. In fact, my hair still feels a bit heavy, stiff, and producty even though I know my mom was trying not to put too much on. My hair is fairly thick, wavy/curly, and 4-5 inches past my shoulders, and there is still some product left in the bottle. I need two tubes/bottles of hair dye for my entire head, so I was worried that I would need more than one bottle of this treatment. I doubt too many people will truly need to use the entire bottle.

It smelled very cocoa buttery to me when applying it. When I was drying it/ flat-ironing it, it smelled a bit like butter that was browning or on the verge of burning. Not the best smell ever, but not super chemically. I could also see fumes or steam (not sure which) when it was heated. When my brother came home, he thought it smelled sickeningly sweet.

For those that did the treatment, how many times did you wash with the pre-treatment/shampoo? I did it twice because I hadn't washed my hair in a few days, but it definitely made my hair feel dry and tangled. At the same time it felt kind of... keratin-y. I believe the pre-treatment has keratin, but does that really stay in after rinsing?

My hair is looking very straight (with the exception of quite a few flyaways), but it still has enough volume at the roots to make me happy. I was worried it would be stick straight and greasy looking. I'll let you know after the two days how it looks when I wash it.
Oh, and I used 450 degrees with a Pink Titanium Hot Tools flat iron but only went over each strand about 5 times because I was scared of damage. It seems to work pretty well, I just wish the plates were longer. I got it for $27 on ebay, but now the same seller has it for $22. *sigh* Oh well. My TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls have been really low on flat irons lately (maybe there's a lot of BKT-ing going on), so this seemed like a really good deal.
I did this treatment one week ago and am very impressed with the results of how straight my hair is! I washed with the shampoo they give you the night before and then let it air dry. It was a necessary evil I guess to use this shampoo, it wasn't pleasant getting the tangles out without using conditioner or anything....makes your hair feel like straw, but I got through it. The next day I did the treatment. It took me from start to finish a little less than 2 hours. My hair is 3a-b, and is shoulder length. My flat iron doesn't say what the temp just has numbers 1-25....but I did use it on the highest setting. To back up, I only had to use about 1/2 of the treatment in my hair since it said not to saturate. But I still had a good amount on all over, close to saturation. I put my hair in clips like I would when I normally flat iron it. One thing I did not bargain for is that when I was flat ironing my hair, it was so hot that after I would touch the part I just did I would burn my fingers just from touching my hair! Next time maybe I'll wear rubber gloves. The smell reminded me of something sweet cooking. It didn't bother me at first, but after awhile it was a little gross. So I actually didn't think the experience of doing it was that bad....actually worth it for what you get and if it really does last that long...again, worth it. hair is naturally a dark brown, I am 42, so it's graying a little, so I color it brown and highlight it with golden highlights. My hair afterwards was a funny looking blonde all over. I emailed the company and they indicated that the keratin bonds with amino acids in your hair and depending on the person....there are "isolated cases" where some people have more of those amino acids that causes the lightening of the hair. Lucky me. Anyway, I got a dark-brown semi-permanent color and put it on 2 days afterwards. My hair turned jet black! YUCK. Long story short, my hairstylist ended up telling me that I should have waited at least a full week before I put on the semi-permanent color and that's why it grabbed the color and made it black. She also suggested that if I do it again that I use a "toner" instead of a hair color. Anyway, I have been trying to fade the color all week and it's now at an acceptable color, a nice chocolate brown with some redish highlights showing through already. Whew. I feel like I'm obsessed with my hair with all of the time and energy I've spent on it all week, but I guess it's all about trial and error. I also emailed the company to see how often I can do it again because I am afraid with all of my efforts to try to fade my color that I am wearing the treatment away as well. They responded by saying that I can do it again right away because this treatment is in no way damaging to your hair, it's actually beneficial to the hair. I can believe that because I've NEVER had softer hair in my life. It feels like silk. I do recommend this treatment to anyone that is thinking about doing it. If I'd done the test strand I guess I would have known that I'm one of few that it causes lightening that's my own fault. I'm so happy that I found this because I've been in the mode where I want straight hair lately, and flat ironing it a lot was not an option for me because I refuse to damage it intentionally. It's only been a week, but I haven't had to use the flat iron at all and it's very straight....I blow dry it straight with a brush to make it look nice. I tried just letting it air dry but it looked too flat. Good luck to anyone that's going to try it. I'll try to post after the 30 days to report whether it lasted that long or now.
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Special Considerations: I frequently color because I have almost 50% grey, I use a semi-permanent to reduce damage
I washed my hair on Saturday, and I am very happy with the results so far. My hair still has a slight wave, but there is much less frizz and it is so silky feeling. My bangs had been feeling really dry after getting my hair highlighted, but now they look and feel much healthier. I actually think my hair may be more glossy and softer than it's ever been. Now for some pictures.

My hair has no product on it in the pictures unless I mentioned it.

Before I colored my hair blonde all over:

A few months ago and I hadn't highlighted my hair yet (I think my hair was damp in a few places):

Right after the highlights - bad webcam quality, but you can see some dryness/frizz (blowdried and flat ironed with some moroccan oil and possibly other products to finish):

After the treatment (air dried):

After (quickly flat ironed, only used heat protectant and a tiny bit of hairspray):

I'm sure that I'm forgetting things that I wanted to say, but feel free to ask me any questions about my experience. I'm so glad there is such a great, easily accessible treatment!
@crystalbtrfly07: i registered today JUST so i could ask you about your treatment haha. I love the pictures. Wow! What a difference! That's amazing. I'm blonde as well, though my blonde is maybe just one shade lighter [only in the front, though. the rest is...light golden brown ish?], & more ash toned than golden. My main concern was the brassy-ness that a lot of people have been experiencing, but you said that you didn't. That's great I guess like you said the trick is to apply a bit less & not entirely saturate the hair.
On Amazon i read that the super high heat mixed with blonde hair was what did it for her. So I was thinking about using a bit lower temp, since my hair is already pretty fine, so I don't think I need 450 haha.
@crystalbtrfly07: i registered today JUST so i could ask you about your treatment haha. I love the pictures. Wow! What a difference! That's amazing. I'm blonde as well, though my blonde is maybe just one shade lighter [only in the front, though. the rest is...light golden brown ish?], & more ash toned than golden. My main concern was the brassy-ness that a lot of people have been experiencing, but you said that you didn't. That's great I guess like you said the trick is to apply a bit less & not entirely saturate the hair.
On Amazon i read that the super high heat mixed with blonde hair was what did it for her. So I was thinking about using a bit lower temp, since my hair is already pretty fine, so I don't think I need 450 haha.
Originally Posted by dainaleeo2
Thanks! Going blonde has been a big process for me. In the first pictures, I had very grown out highlights with almost my natural color all over (natural roots, but the rest had been highlighted a long time ago then dyed a dark brown, which faded to that). That is pretty much my natural texture, and I could get much more defined curls with styling products.

Instead of getting more highlights, I wanted to go lighter all over. So, in the third picture I had used a level 9 ash dye, which realaxed the curl slightly- probably from damage. The next time I dyed it, I used Ion Hi-Lift Blonde with a Blue base. It took out a bit more of the brassiness and lightened it a bit.

All of the pictures after I got the blunt bangs are when I got it highlighted again. I'm getting to a place where I'm almost happy with the color, but I'm really aiming for a slightly lighter, much cooler blonde. All of this damaged my hair, but I have to say my hair has always been naturally very dry, and I always felt like deep conditioners did nothing for me.

I wish I knew how it would turn out on lighter, more ashy hair. I may not have noticed any additional brassy-ness because my hair is already such a golden blonde. I'm not sure if it would be worth it, but you could try a test strand.

I used 450 degrees and my hair is fairly coarse, though I was a bit scared to put it up that high. I believe the instructions say 400-450, so anything in that range should be ok. Use what you feel comfortable with, and you can always raise the temperature next time.
i'm still waiting to use mine. i have read a few reviews where people said this stuff permanently straightened their hair. maybe it lasts longer than 30 days? most reviews are people's first time using the product. i want some where people have let the product wear off to see if their hair returned to it's original texture.
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@crystalbtrfly07: Wow, that's an intense process to get to blonde! I've been there though, so I understand. Mine is more ash by nature, more of a dark blonde, very light ash brown...for some reason though my hair at the roots will pull gold when i highlight, which is strange. But the only part that is blonde [& I mean the playboy kind of blonde] are my fringe bangs & the pieces around my face & jaw. the rest is more of a light brown color. It would be hard for me to do a strand test then since the color is right by my face & if it turns out badly...then I'd be kind of sad.
I think I may do it this weekend though. I have a box of demi-permanent light brown dye that I wanted to use anyway, at least on the parts that are already darker, so I won't mind if the color changes there. I think I may end up putting a very weeee amount in my bangs so that it doesn't discolor them, & use lower heat as well. They say you can reapply if needed, since it's supposed to help the hair anyway, so if I need more I could just do that or use my John Frieda 3 Day Straight

Thanks for the help! I'm nervous, but the pros of this would be AMAZING. My hair has an alright wave pattern but it's unpredictable. My hair is also shorter, so the waves tend to go crazy because of the shorter layers, & it never lays the way I want :\

@SexxyCaramel80: I've read that as well. I mean, if that happened to me, I honestly wouldn't mind. But I guess if you have a nice natural pattern & like your waves/curls, then it would be kind of disheartening. I think maybe the people that it happened to may have applied too much, saturating the hair too heavily. I would just be sparing, since you can always use more the following weekend or whenever. I feel that's probably the best way to do it.
@SexxyCaramel80 I've dozens of BKTS and even with the strongest treatment my hair was not permanatly straightened. Why? Because I have virgin 4a hair. no color. While I think it is possible for bkts to straighten hair, I think it depends on the person's hair texture/condition.

Those of you that are concerned you can't wait around for a review you like because that person is not you. You have to do the treatment on your hair so you can really . The reviews on amazon have been really good, so I didn't have a problem doing this treatment on my sister's 4a jet black curls. Just do a strand test/small section. See how this section of hair reacts over the course of the next 4 weeks, and THEN apply to your whole head if you like it.
@hairguru: agreed! that does make sense. i just wanted to wait for more blonde ones since that was my main fear.

However, I did actually go out & buy the kit, since my excitement got the better of me [what's new]. But, I wanted to do a strand test. It even says on the bottle that a strand test may be needed for those with bleached or lighter hair, so at least they do warn you. I decided to do the underside of my fringe bangs, since at least if it messed up it was underneath.
I have to say, I'm REALLY pleased! It's only been a few hours of course, but I would notice a change in color almost immediately, since my hair is rather porous & a bit dry/over processed. I'll continue to watch it for the next day & a half before I actually do my whole head.

My hair is so soft & so shiny, & it hasn't been like this since I was younger & didn't have an obsession with messing with my hair :P
I took some pictures [forgive my nasty-ness...i'm sick today, so I just didn't feel like glamming up for a few pics] just to show the color & state of my bangs. I did not put a lot of the treatment on, since I felt as if this was where people were getting the brassy effect. Slathering a product on isn't the best idea. My hair also does not feel too coated either because I applied less. I also used heat around 375-400, since I know my hair is much more fine & doesn't need 450 to completely seal it in. I went over it around 5 times, just to make sure to seal it in, but waited in between to avoid excessive heat damage [even if the product claims that it protects against it: can't ever be too safe!].

Here are the results:

Note: my hair -may- look a touch brassy, but that is only because I had low lights that were a dark blonde color & pulled gold. they faded, & when I lightened my bangs a few days ago they did not get as light as the more ashy parts. I have another ammonia free kit just to tone them & make sure they don't get orange. But my hair is lighter, just for some reason the pictures tend to turn out a bit darker because of my apartment lighting.

& my hair looks so crunchy haha. I scrunched the rest, but didn't have time to finish it before I had to leave & get my friend. anyway, just some pictures to show the condition. the ends could use a trim, but they were like that before anyway.
I'm going to be trying this today. I'm so anxious to see how it works!

I'll edit this post to share results in about 2 days when I've washed the treatment out.

Update: Ok so I just washed my hair, waited for it to dry and put in the treatment. There were a couple things I thought I should mention.
1. The shampoo was soooo great! It was buttery and silky, which was surprising. However, all the separating, sectioning, and combing of my hair totally killed it and made it look terrible. There wasn't much more breakage from the norm, but it got frizzy and poofy. Oh well, I hope it'll be worth it.
2. It tells you to put in the treatment when your hair was 80% dry, but, my hair completely dried before I could finish putting in the treatment. I figured if I used a spray bottle to dampen my hair it should work out in the end.
3. I don't know why but using the shampoo made my hair dry unbelievably fast. I haven't used sulfates in a while so that may be the cause.
4. I'm pretty worried about whether I put the right amount in my hair. This is probably the most vague and worrying part of the process. I kept in mind not to oversaturate, and put in about two dabs worth (quarter sized amt) per 2 inch section. The gloves made it even more annoying cause I couldn't feel how saturated my hair was. In this video the guy puts so much that it looks soaking wet....mine didn't look like that.

Well, I'm off to go blow dry and straighten!

Update: I just washed the treatment out of my hair. Sorry for no pics - my camera died. But I will review the product, and hopefully that helps.

This treatment definitely did not make my hair stick straight. After I washed my hair I could see waves forming. What it did do, though, was make my hair much less bulky and it seems to be drying much much faster. There is still frizz in my hair too, but, it's much less than before. My hair color seems a tad bit coppery brown but it isn't significant at all. My hair texture seems a bit odd. I didn't have sulfate and sodium free shampoo on hand so I just washed it out with water. It's waxy and rubbery, I guess. Hopefully this goes away when it's completely dry. I started brushing my hair and it returned to being straight again.

After drying hair completely:
I dried it two ways. First I tried blow drying it straight while it was damp. I ended up with LOTS of poof. Sure, it was straight and dried quick but the poof made it unbearable. At this point my hair was begging for moisture so I washed again just with conditioner (sulfate/sodium free). I air dried this time, seeing if any frizz formed, and I noticed there was frizz even if I didn't touch it at all or do anything to it. Second time around I also noticed a considerable amount of breakage/split ends. My hair started turning into a stringy mess, half-wavy and half-straight, and I also noticed my hair was flexible and stiff (if I bent it it'd stay in that shape), which was unusual. I decided to use this to my advantage and try to get "beach waves" by braiding my hair. I'm going to take them out in the morning to see how they form.

What I liked - much faster drying time, way less bulk, less natural occurring frizz (but more damage induced frizz)
What I didn't like - the process takes SO much time and effort, damage due to the process, hair isn't straight, you can't use most of your existing hair products, weird feel to hair.

Tips: Don't use the gloves provided - it's much easier to tell how saturated your hair is that way. Skip the blow drying step if your hair is wavy/straight already - I think it just created more damage.

All in all, I'll probably continue using this product, but it's definitely no miracle product. Don't expect it to eliminate curl and frizz, but it will make your hair easier to manage.

Also, just a reminder that what happened in my case may not occur in yours. I think my results were actually quite haphazard when comparing it to other people's results.
Hair type: 2C-3A, very dry, extremely low porosity, med elasticity, insanely thick kinky-wavy.
HGs: Trader Joe's Nourish spa conditioner, Epsom salt rinse, Joico K-pak conditioner

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I'm sure everything will work out. Remember that the treatment needs to sit on the hair for 2 days. It's possible that there wasn't enough applied but I think as long as you coated the hair with it you should be fine. Worst comes to worst you can go back in and reapply it. If you do I would either wait a month or just wash it several times with a SULFATE shampoo as this will strip the hair of the keratin faster. When you see your curl pattern returning you should be good to go. Did your hair smell like it was burning while ironing it? After blow drying did your hair feel heavy as if there was conditioner left in it?
Anyway please don't panic...I think it will work out in the end.
lol sorry for panicking.

I didn't smell much burning, or any cocoa/butter smell at all.
And it didn't feel like there was conditioner in it, it felt bare and soft - not sticky, I couldn't sense product at all. "Naked" I guess.

I've gone back and reapplyed more on each side. I found that I needed a lot to feel like any kind of product was in there. Maybe since my hair is virgin hair it actually has low porosity? Or the thickness could have been the culprit.

I've used most of what was in the bottle now. After I straightened the second time I got the signs I was supposed to get....cocoa smell, a bit of waxiness, evidence of product. And gorgeous straight hair! It looks like the model on the box!

Thanks for the support!!
Hair type: 2C-3A, very dry, extremely low porosity, med elasticity, insanely thick kinky-wavy.
HGs: Trader Joe's Nourish spa conditioner, Epsom salt rinse, Joico K-pak conditioner

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I have the shampoo and condish omg it makes my curls beautiful! ! Although i haven't done the treatment and don't want to (just me but i have the flat iron spray and i only had to run over it once!

I have! Love it, doesn't mess with your hair but leaves it super soft ( very thick 3c), flat iron spray is great too
As for the actual agent, no ma'am! Lol too afraid myself

awesome please do post a pic if you get a chance! glad everything worked out!! I think I'm going to try it out tomorrow!

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