Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy

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Okay, I got brave and purchased the Organix Brazilian''s only $15 or so at Walgreens. I've been dying to get the real one at the salon but $400! (I have a lot of hair and it's a little longer than bra length.) It's pretty curly, 3b I think it said...I'd compare it to Nicole Kidman. I love them and I hate them. lol. I just dyed it dark brown, earlier this week.

I have been wearing straight for a while now, takes me a good hour from start of blow dry to finish....

Tomorrow night, I'm doing it (with help)! I can't wait! I live in N. Florida so the humidity is always here.

oh! btw..I have tried the Gardnier 7day blow out and it didn't straighten my hair but help keep it straight if that makes sense. Made it almost humnidity proof.
I have also tired the 30day straighter they used to sell at Walgreens a while ago, that one worked great straightning but not so great at reducing frizz and this one did take a while to get my curls back.

Wish me luck! hopefully my hair will feel healthy and shinny AND frizz free! I also purchased the Coppola Keratin shampoo and conditioner, can't decide if im going to use it or buy the Organix brand.. I guess we'll see after I do it how good it does or doesnt... adios!
I did it! Looks AMAZING! i dont think it stunk at all. I will say that it was a long process even with someone doing it for me. I also don't think I had enough shampoo, for my thickness and length. I'll wash it in a few and let you all know.
The left side obviously hasn't been flat ironed but the curls are a lot softer... The right side flat ironed, smith, shinny and silky.

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i'm going on week 3 and it's still working. I do have to flatiron hair to keep results,
I have to flat iron too but it stays straight a lot longer. Do you use the flat iron spray?
i've tried the flat iron spray, but i don't feel a significant difference.
Bumping to ask a question,

i bought the shampoo and conditioner of this brazilian keratin therapy. I don't want to straighten my hair though, I wanted to use it as a protein treatment. Will that work or no?

I dont love it as a shampoo/conditioner. I've used other products that have left my hair better.
I did this treatment on my sister's weave "leave out" about a 1/4 section of hair.

She has thick 4/a curls. We did not use a 450 % flat iron. We used her coriliss iron that she had in her purse.

Some reviews on amazon claim this product stinks really badly and that it lightens the hair. Didn't happen to us. No rotten odor, no hair discoloration. My sister dyes her hair jet black.

The product is gloopy and there is way too much product for one application in bottle. If i were to do her whole head, I would use 2.5-3 ounces. Not the full 3.3. I imagine using more product would product more odors, but again, didn't happen to us. As for fumes and such, they were minimal. If you've ever had a strong BKT formula where you are GAGGING on the fumes, you'll be presently surprised by how "non toxic" smelling this is.

My sister is very active. She did use a pony tail holder, and went to kick boxing and hot yoga during the two day wait. the product leaves a thick coat on your hair, so get ready. stuff that looked like dandruff in some places, too.

FABULOUS!- Shine shine and pretty soft relaxed curls. Not straight, but relaxed. If we used the right flat iron, and she wasn't so active, I'm sure it could have gotten even more straight. Now it's all about how long it lasts. Will update!
Originally Posted by Hairguru17
Reading this chain, I will say with all the Organix products (I've tried most of them but not the Brazilian, it leaves me with a lot of of stuff that looked like dandruff, I had to go back to my deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner from the salon...
I obsessively read through this entire thread, watched a whole bunch of Youtube and researched other types of at-home keratin treatments the past couple days. I decided to give this Organix stuff a try last night after being religiously CG for about three years. So, I pretty much have "virgin hair," it had never been blown dry without a diffuser or flat-ironed, although I used to do that AND use Rusk Anti-Curl in college (12 years ago). I used the shampoo packet twice and about half the bottle of the keratin treatment on my thick, between shoulder- and bra strap-length 3a/b curls, light brown hair with some natural blonde highlights. Flat-ironing was so tedious, mostly because I could barely touch the hair it was so hot; there was a lot of waiting around between passes. I was so exhausted by 1/3 of the way that my husband offered to help. He said not to put it on Facebook but didn't say anything about this board. My natural blond highlights did turn a little more golden/brassy, but it's OK. It didn't smoke or stink anywhere near what I expected based on reviews, so I actually wondered if I had used enough... but I definitely felt waxy/greasy/unnatural last night, and I was quite worried about keeping it in for a few days. When I woke up it felt slightly better; I had to re-iron parts that had gotten slept on funny. Then I went and actually got a (dry) trim, since my hair had been cut to accommodate different levels of curliness around my head and with some layers- it looked messy straightened. And now it looks amazingly straight and feels so nice and silky! I love it and hope it "takes!" I'll probably wait a little longer than specified before washing... maybe 3 days. And I look forward to updating then!
Update two weeks later. I love, love, LOVE this stuff! While it doesn't quite live up to its claims of reducing drying time by 75% and curl by 90% or whatever, it does make it quicker to blow dry straight with a round brush, flat-irons perfectly, adds shine and my hair stays nice and straight a full week. The first application took forever, and I think I used a little too much, but last Saturday after washing my hair (using the shampoo from this line) I combed a few dime-sized blobs of the treatment through my hair sort of as a blow-drying cream. I really like the results! Sooooo silky and smooth. I love waking up and having decent hair already. I don't have to worry about humidity ruining my hair so much (not really a concern in this season, but when I give the kids a bath it can get pretty damp). I did also have to buy dry shampoo for the first time because after day 3 my roots get noticeably greasy looking.

Last night for the first time I showered and left my hair curly. It still curled just as much! It's not noticeably less frizzy when curly, just when straight, but it does have really nice shine. My only problem now is I don't have a "curly cut" so when I leave it curly it doesn't look as good.

So, for the winter, I will probably straighten about once a week and try to leave it that way all week. Late spring I'll go back to CG methods.
brazilian keratin therapy

Just got off the phone with my stylist, and she is not happy. I told her what I did last night, and the fact that it didn't relax my curls or locs or kinks. Well, this stuff is just for straighten the hair with heat. Thats what she said. So, I will have to see her this Saturday, so she can look at my hair. I absolutely do not want straight hair. I am bored to death with straight hair. My ex wants to see me in straight hair, but I'm not interested in that look. I am tired of frying my hair.

It didn't work! I got the 30-day one, and put in on on friday. I followed the directions to a T, had it on for 48 hours, everything! I washed it out today, and...zilch. It did absolutely nothing!

At least it didn't ruin my hair.
Would there be any significant difference if I skipped the blowdrying part and just flat ironed my hair after it dried with the treatment in?? I don't even own a blowdryer anymore because I never blow dry my hair before I flat iron it (too much heat).
i always air dry my hair when using Organix Brazilian Keratin.
I apply one day and flat iron either later that day or even the next day.
Blowdrying makes it more difficult for me to handle my hair , my hair becomes poofy and a big mess.
I used it last night and let it air dry also. I had no problems flat ironing it. So far I love it! We'll see when I wash it out Wednesday. If I like the results by letting my hair air dry after the wash out I'll use it instead of a relaxer from now on.
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So I did the process and today my 48hrs is up ... But I do not feel like going through the long process of straightening all over again!!! I was wondering will it hurt of you don't wash it out the second day or not ?! Anyone someone ?! I just don't feel like washing conditioning blowdrying and flat ironing all over it's a long process
I've been using this product for about 6 months, it does last for 30 days or more, depending on how often you wash your hair.
I have only used about 1.5 bottles so far. I get about 4 applications from one bottle. I wash my hair after 2-3 days because my hair gets very itchy two days after application . Then wash with the sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.
Hair does have to be flat ironed but it gets easier after using the product for a while.
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Does anyone use JUST the masque or just one product? I'm kind of confused. Does it work best when used as a system, or can you use one or two products individually? I've heard a lot about flakiness w/the shampoo/conditioner. So I don't want to use those since I already have a problem with that. My hair is only wavy but pretty thick, similar to Mrs. Capone's. Would just one thing work for me? Have you guys had problems with burning scalp? I've seen that on many of the reviews.
I use the keratin treatment, and the conditioner *sometimes*. I love the keratin treatment but not a huge fan of the conditioner so I use it sparingly. I tried the shampoo once and thoroughly disliked it so I won't be using that again.

I didn't have any issues with burning scalp...and I get right on the roots when I apply. As long as you're not gooping it on like a relaxer, you should be fine.
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I have the shampoo and condish omg it makes my curls beautiful! ! Although i haven't done the treatment and don't want to (just me but i have the flat iron spray and i only had to run over it once!

Originally Posted by khallida
I wanted to ask, if you use the treatment (BKT) is that basically the same as a texturizer or relaxer?
Secondly, If the shampoo does not actually contain Keratin, why do you use it? ( I'd like your view of the product, please)

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My hair after being blow dried, then the hair laying down has been flat ironed with FHI Platform Series.
(Right) My hair finished on the left side
  • I have not had a relaxer since Sept 2011. I am transitioning for natural hair.
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