Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy

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I've used the shampoo&cond a couple of times. I didn't get the 30-day treatment b/c my hair is just wavy (and curls and gets frizzy/poofed when it rains). It hasn't done anything though I like I said, I haven't used any of the other stuff. I thought about getting the masque, but I'm not happy with the shampoo and cond. It dried out my hair and even stripped out some of the henna. From what I've heard, keratin products can be used on hennaed hair with no interactions. I haven't noticed any straightening power at all. I think I'll keep using it awhile longer, but so far, I'm not a happy customer.
i used the conditioner, tried it as a conditioner wash and i hated it. felt very drying. made my hair almost tacky. want to try one of these treatments, but feeling very chicken and lazy blow drying and flat ironing (ugh). so impressed with everyone who has the courage to do these things.
Rebecca10s, as you seem to be spamming the forum about this product, you just devalue it!
I'm not going to try it unless 10 members with good post counts say exactly what you are saying

Why don't you offer a few members a free sample so they can confirm your claims ( its obvious you own/ work for the company)
I used this last summer on my a-line, straight ironed 2b hair. I hated smelling like a wet dog for three days.
It did help keep my hair straight, but my hair is coarse and thusly the protein made it crispy. kinda fell off the CG wagon. I got sick of long curly hair about 6 months ago. I currently have a short a-line, which I flat iron, although I also wear it wavy sometimes. I still use sulfate-free poos (I'm madly in love with the Bodyshop's rainforest moisture) and silicone free conditioners.
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I love this product! As I had very bad hair breakage and was told I need to cut all my hair off to regrow new hair. I was referred to a company called GRM Celebrity Wig Warehouse, spoke with the owner and told her my ordeal and she told me about using s full lace wig and they even applied the Organix Brazalian to my full lace wig, due to me ordering a yaki straight texture for African American hair. It made the the hair soooo bouncy and full of body when she sent it! Very beautiful, I go the hair unit with the Organix treatment in 24 inches so it was very long and full of body! I recommend this product definitely to anyone and also I recommend anyone to order through her company and let her put the treatment in the hair for you, it is done professionally and has last for a little over a month, I also use sulfate free shampoo/conditioner whenever I wash it...Did not have to wash it for 2 weeks though after her company added the treatment due to being so full of body and soft! Get this product it works
I have used the 30 day treatment twice now, and use the shampoo, conditioner, and serum as well.
I was hesitant about using the treatment because I had used a relaxer several years ago and it completely damaged my hair. However, I'm glad I tried this because it works well for me. Yes, it is a long process because I want to make sure the treatment is given every chance to work the way it is supposed to; Yes, the smell can get a bit overpowering (I blowdry and flatiron in front of my open bathroom window); Yes, if you use too much product your hair can feel gummy (I've learned that less than half the bottle for my long, halfway down my back, thick, curly hair, works just fine). But, the treatment to me is worth it because it leaves my hair silkier and a whole lot less frizzy for the 30 days it promises.
The first time I used the treatment, I washed it out after 72 hours (longer than the 48 recommended) and let my hair airdry to see what I was working with. I still had my curls, they were just looser and less frizzy and took less time to dry. When I next washed my hair and blowdried it, it took less time for me to dry it and less time to straighten it.
As for the shampoo and conditioner, they work well for me too. The conditioner isn't as thick as I am used to, but neither product dries out my hair. The smell can get a bit cloying if you use too much, at least in my opinion. I don't have any complaints about the serum in the line either, though I'm not sure if it's a miraculous product lol.
Just wanted to post my experience with this product If anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer!
Hi everyone,
Looks like a lot of you had success with this product. How does it work for wavy hair? I'm a 2a, 2b.
i used this product about four or five months ago and my curls never did come back. D:< half of my hair is curly and the other is asian straight.

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