Keratin treatment and hair color...

Hey :-) I got my 1st keratin treatment about 3 weeks ago and I want to dye my hair now. Will using a permanent hair dye be okay? I was going to do bleach to go blonde but then I found out that it would strip the treatment. Have any of you had experience with color after this treatment?
I color my hair pretty frequently with keratin. Ideally, it is best to color the same day (color first, then keratin). But, I also need to color again every month to cover greys. There is a slight difference to my keratin after coloring with permanent color - I think it does wear some of it away. I have done a demi-permanent color three times in the past two months and have not noticed much difference to my keratin at all.
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I've had both Coppola Keratin treatments and Brazilian Blowouts in the past, and I always wait at least 2 weeks later to do permanent color. I've never had a problem. The color has never stripped the treatment.

Just make sure you wait the 2 weeks after getting the treatment to do color.
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