KeraStraight vs. Other treatments

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I have been thinking of getting the KeraStraight treamtment b'coz my hair stylist can't stop talking about how great it would be for my hair. I have 2c hair (I guess) and I have been suffering from hair loss for the past 2-3 months. I am currently treating my hair loss and using a special shampoo from Kerastase.
I need to be assured that KeraStraight would be safe on my hair and would not cause or react with my current treatment. When I asked my hair stylist if it was safe she didn't really give me a straight answer.
Please help me as I have booked for the KeraStraight 2 weeks from today. I really don't need my hair to get any worse. HELP
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Please do not have the Kerastraight treatment done. I had this in September 2011 and am still suffering the consequences now. It did smooth my hair for about four weeks however it caused my scalp to go very itchy and sore and made me lose quite a lot of hair. The ingredients in this product are not good for you even though the product is marketed as being completely safe. Don't make the same mistake as me - I wish someone could have warned me as it is the worst thing I have ever done.
I'm happy I found this thread! I'm looking at getting this done in the near future, as I don't wanna deal with managing my hair (a whole heck of a lot) on a long vacation at the end of the month. I'm seeing a LOT of positive reviews, and I'm hoping for my 3a hair, this'll do wonders! I'm going to condition it like crazy after it, but am heeding the misadventures of some posters. Does anyone have any before and after pics to share?
I wanted to follow up.. I had the KS performed on friday- and I love the results! My hair was quick to try (and little poof simply because of how I do it, I dont use a comb and shake my head around a good deal), and the results are still blowing my mind. I deal with probably 98% less frizz- my curls are little relaxed, but the lack of frizz is astounding. I have completely virgin hair, no color or chemicals- so it took well. Its got a smell to it that I'm sure will wear away, but I'm in LOVE with this treatment. I do have lengthy hair, so it wasn't cheap, but I'll def be back in another six months for the treatment. Its altered my routine forever! So much more manageability for me!
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You should know:
This process takes at least 3 hrs.
Apply Kera Straight
Iron tiny strands for hours

I color my hair at home and it stripped all the color out of my hair, leaving it YELLOW. 2 toners 2 days later did nothing. I finally went to Whole Foods and got some organic hair dye, which fixed it and didn't hurt my hair. It just doesn't last long.
By the way, I LOVE the results (except for the yellow hair). My hair dries faster and is silky smooth. It's been about 2 weeks now.
I have nasty curly frizzy hair every humid summer and finally after spending literally thousands of dollars on every new product imaginable I finally tried a kera straight treatment! All I can say is I LOVE it! I went from being a crazed q-tip to having normal hair! I have gotten so many compliments its unreal! My hair is beautiful normal and healthy! I take a shower every night and dry and style it and when I wake up it is still normal! For anyone wondering if they should try it, I recommend it highly! It's been two weeks and I love it!KeraStraight vs. Other treatments-image.jpg
I did the Brazilian and it worked well but the health concerns were just to high a price to pay.

I just tried the super silk and it positively transforms your hair .
Kerastraight saved my sanity and my daughter's.

My daughter has type 3c curly hair and we spent 10 years fighting with it and various products to smooth and tame. She spent her life in braids because it was easiest and most manageable. Otherwise, hair brushing and detangling was a more than hour long, painful process.

In the spring of 2013, I learned about Kerastraight. I did some research and discovered that the product is out of the UK and in Europe, formaldehyde is not allowed in products. In fact, the product was recalled in 2010 and re-formulated due to the presence of 2% formaldehyde. (If any of this is incorrect, please feel free to correct me. I'm not being a snob, just sharing what I found out.)

My daughter has a great deal of hair, so it was a two day process for us. Instead of giving her a final rinse after the product application, we went home with the product in her hair and came back later for the wash out.

The moment it was rinsed, I could see a difference in her curl pattern. Not only were the curls looser and less frizzy, but they were more manageable. She barely complained when the stylist brushed and combed it. After washing it? Taking a blow dryer to it has the curls falling into more of a wave pattern than frizzing out into a Little Orphan Annie cottonball/Q-tip on her head.

We were careful to only use Keratin products on her hair - shampoo, conditioner, leave in, moisturizers - and nothing with sulfates (which meant reading the labels.)

Her treatment lasted for eight months, with a 'booster treatment' in the middle. This included going swimming in chlorinated pools and in the ocean on our vacation. (The key was saturating the hair, loading it up with conditioner, and giving it a good rinse (at minimum) and another dose of conditioner immediately after.)

We've now gone back (finally) and gotten our second treatment. Her hair dries faster, is more manageable, and she can easily go from curly to straight depending on her mood. It's worth the four hours (not including the follow up hour) for the relief and manageability.

Yes, she still has curls (see above), but they're not as tight, and the curl pattern is still beautiful.

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OK, so I just got the KeraStraight treatment done at my local Ulta. I was skeptical at first since this one was WAY cheaper than all the other Keratin treatments around my area. So I booked an appointment. I went in with high hopes and when the stylist was all done with my hair it felt waxy and gummy and didn't feel anything like what I thought it would. But I figured it would be just fine. I went home and flat ironed it. They say that you can wash it right away with no waiting time. But I wanted to wait a few days just to make sure. So on day 3, I wash it out and I have the same frizzy, curly mop of head I had before with slightly less frizz. So I called and spoke to the salon manager. She apologized right away and got me in to redo it a few days later with her. SO I went in and 5 hours later, I came out with gorgeous, silky smooth hair after only a blow dry. No flat iron needed and it was perfect!! I washed it 2 days later and started to let it air dry. While drying, it had absolutely NO frizz. I decided I liked the look of my hair blow dried a lot more than curly, though. Moral of the story is...if your hair didn't come out right, it was probably the stylist and you should call and have them re-do it with a master stylist. I had my second treatment 4 days ago and I absolutely LOVE it still.

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