loosening my curls

being half African American and Caucasian is a blessing and a curse, haha my friends always jealous of my skin tone and me always jealous of their hair! I have very thick curly hair, i wouldn't say a 3c but in-between that and a 3b my hair pattern is very uneven and i hate the feeling that its short. Since when wet it comes down at least 4" past my shoulders but when dry sits about an 1" above. Hence i broke out the flat iron..and spent an hour and a half straightening then another hour putting in curlers (since i don't like my hair straight, but i don't like it not curly!) then going through the painful process of sleeping with the curlers..every single day.. don't even ask. i just want looser curls like a 3a would be great!! I'm considering a keratin treatment just to loosen my curls? but its so expensive, i don't know what eles to do, trust me i've tried ALOT. help. anyone. please. ahh thanks so much to anyone who even bothered to read this huge paragraph haha(:
hey ! so i've been doing keratin for about a year or two. IT REALLY LOOSENS YOUR CURLS !! so basically before i couldnt wear my hair down cause it was soooo curly but then after it was still poofy but less curly and more manageable. then i got highlights then the keratin which makes it work a lot better. so its def worth it. but now after maybe gettign it 4 times my hair in some places is basically sraight and the roots are really curly then not so much, so idt ill continur to get keratain but i think having it done once or twice with colerd hair lets to work its magic. so yea ! hope this helped !!

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