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Hey guys,

I know next to nothing about all these different hair straightening techniques so please bear with me.

My mother went natural about 2-3 months ago; I did her big chop for her. She's got about 4 inches of thin-ish 4b hair - basically a small tight afro. After trying to convince her to give her natural hair a chance and condition and care for it as well as possible, she is now looking into different curl loosening techniques - but without chemicals.
Is this possible with any of these methods? From what I gather, some have formaldehyde or straighten your hair to the point where you must blow dry it stick straight. That's not really what she's looking for. She wants it looser so she doesn't feel like it's stuck to her head.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Try kinky curly all natural hair care products. They are sold at whole foods markets. Or natural foods stores.

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