MUST READ!! Before getting Keratin treatment

Hi everyone!

I know that more people are starting to jump onto the Keratin band wagon nowadays. But before you do, you should always do your research! Just like any other treatment or service you have done you should take the time to research the treatment, and especially any and ALL reviews on it. In my research about keratin, I came across a helpful page that shows test results from different product lines which have keratin treatments or products and say they are "formaldehyde free" but really aren't. Please visit the link below.

See the brands Hair Straighteners
I ve checked this site before...
From what I have read for formaldeyhde I concluded that all this stuff containing f/de is harmfull for those who use it on a daily basis, thus hairdressers are in great risk. The lady who makes the treatment once in 3 months, is within the limits of acceptable exposure.

Check wikipedia for formaldehyde, it states the exact limits for exposure in f/de, when in gaseous form.
Thanks, Choclatqt, for sharing the info!
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