I want the Keratin out!!

I have 3B hair (naturally) but in October 2011 I got my first Keratin treatment and then in March 2012 I got a second one. The thing is I miss my natural curls and I decided to start CG so I decided to wear it curly but the problem is that the roots are curly and the middle is straight, it looks so dumb when its down.

I need help, should I use a sulfate shampoo every other day to make the keratin come out faster? The problem with this though is that sulfate is bad for the hair.

Is there any other way to start getting my hair all over curly again?

Please any and every advice would be helpful
Yes, use products with sodium chloride and sulfates, and you'll get the keratin out, but you may not get the curl back. It depends upon your starting hair texture. The finer your hair texture is, the more permanent sooner the curl relaxation. If you have coarse, heavy hair, you may get all or most of your curl pattern back. Also depends upon how many times you've BKT'd the same hair--since you've done it twice, the relaxation may be permanent--again, it depends on how coarse your hair texture is. And by coarse, I don't mean rough or damaged. Coarse means the hair shaft diameter is thicker because it has a thicker layer of its own keratin. Fine hair has less keratin and is thinner in diameter.

Actually just re-read the date...the keratin is probably gone for the most part anyway since it's been since March.

The presence of the keratin in your hair is not what straightens it.

I hope this helps.
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