Unnique Keratin - Advance

Hello there!
I was wondering wether has anyone of you tried this keratin.
I cannot find any reviews on the net. It's a classic formaldehyde formula and there are different products depending the hair texture. (also some f/hyde-free products)
I intended to purchase Inoar but the seller insisted on buying this one...she said it's much better for unrully,coarse hair

This one is Unnique advance, the strongest formula of their product line. Its for damaged,ethnic, unrully hair.

But if you have used any of their products I'd like to read your reviews
Hi just wondering which one you ended up buying , I was also thinking of Inoar and was recommended this or Inoar from the seller . We're you happy with the results
Hey there!

Well, I purchased the advanced formula considering the seller's persistance..

I do not recommend it!
Fumes were so strong that I could bearly stand them, my eyes were watering during all the procedure (even when I was applying the product on my hair)
Even when I had finished the flat ironing, my hair had an irritating smell all the time before I wash it out.
(I m regularly using QOD original and I had very very little irritation, nothing like this one)

I thought that this great amount of formaldehyde should provide better results compared to other keratines I've tried before. But I was wrong.

Hair came out straight and soft, but just for the following 5-10 days
Then,although it remaind straight enough, it started to get dry more and more, and was rough to touch and a bit frizzy.
What's more, my hair colour (blue-black) faded a lot after the procedure.

I should have bought Inoar as I was planning to do...
One more thing!

I left a review in their review section of this product, writting pretty much what I ve just wrote above...

It was a 3 star review...
They never published it.....

Unacceptable in my opinion...
Thanks for taking the time to tell us about this product Bruchilda. I've wondered about it and now I have no desire to try it. Thank you!
3B dark brown shoulder length
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