So I've had my hair relaxed and straightened in the past and did the whole big chop and switching over to natural about two years ago. I do like my curly hair, but I've been wanting to change things up a bit and go back to straight. My problem is that I have absolutely no clue what I'm doing. I've talked to two salons and they've both said that I would probably need the Japanese straightening (which neither of them offer) to make my hair completely straight because it is so curly. However, they offer the Keratin treatments, but they said that's mainly to take out the frizz of the curl (which I don't need, because my hair isn't frizzy). For some reason, it seems like no one offers the Japanese straightening anymore. So would the Keratin treatments be able to straighten my hair? I wasn't sure if anyone with tight curls had any experience with them. I also know the last time I got it straightened, they used the Matrix stuff and it was about $200, but I have no clue whether that's the Japanese straightening or the Keratin treatments. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!