Safe and recommended straightening services

I have 3b hair, which I used to get relaxed. I quit getting relaxers almost three years ago. Now I just shampoo, blowdry and flat-iron my hair once or twice a month.

I prefer my hair as straight as I can get it, and I don't worry about body or volume because it's never limp even when straight.

I've been debating on a blowout system so it can help keep my hair straighter for longer, especially to cut down on time out of the shower when washed!

I'm just not sure what's safe to use on mixed hair (I'm 1/2 black, 1/2 PR), and I've heard so many different things - positive and negative - about the many systems. I figure this is a better place than any to ask for recommendations! I appreciate it
I have tried quite a few brands so far and i can honestly say i have no recommendations. Im stil on the search. QOD max organiq was ok but it did not reduce volume in the virgin part of my hair.
4a transitioning
Straight haired natural journey

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