AMAZING TIPS + Organix BTK review

First post/review, I'm a newbie (3b hair)
Positive review on Organix BKT + some extra tips

Hair description: FRIZZ galore, very thin, length to mid back, 3b curl type (since birth L) I leave it curly once in a while, straighten once in a while, usually put it up because its difficult to manage. (pic of curly hair behaving... somewhat

Wanted to get a brazilian blowout, decided I'd try the drug store stuff before spending $300-400 at a salon.

Used organix BKT ($12.99 shoppers drug mart, shampoo BKT by organix $6.99) basically you wash your hair with kit shampoo, apply treatment to 80% dried hair, blowdry/straighten, leave for 48 hours (no getting wet, no pony tails/hairclips, or tucking behind ears)

Cons: 1. Everyone talks about the smell, Im fairly sensitive to smells, did not find the product overwhelming in odor. Smelled like coco-butter and cucumber to me.
2. While straightening/blowdrying with product on hair did smoke a small amount (but literally ANY product left on hair and putting a hot tool on it will smoke... even hairspray)
3. The really ONLY con about this product was leaving it in my hair for 48 hours, it felt so greasy (cuz hair is so thin) and drives me crazy to have my hair in my face all day, but felt the results would be worth it.

Pros: 1. I have some of the frizziest hair on the planet, this product worked for me. Reduced my friz by about 70% (box says 95%)
2. Blowdrying takes about (25%) of the time, its almost like the hair does not absorb water... which makes sense because no real moisture for hair to be frizzy
3. I still do need to straighten but that time is cut by about 50%

After a visit with my curl specialist (hairdresser she told me dont bother spending $300 to do a real BKT treatment (like Brazilian blowout) she said spend the $300 on something that will last 10 years. She recommended a straightener, blowdryer, product and new hairbrush... Ive had the same gama straightener (from Italy) for a little over 10 years... I would not part with that thing for the entire world. Buttt was willing to try anything.

So beauty supply hooked me up with:
1. New blowdryer THE MOST IMPORTANT PART believe it or not, I had been using some crappy walmart con-air special... I could not even believe the difference. I always considered the straightener the most important part... but honestly I truly believe what Ive been missing was a good blowdry (tip: use cold air setting post blowdry to smoothen)
Blowdryer: WAHL Thunder $89.99

2. New hairbrush Boar bristle paddle brush, made it super easy to blowdry (less then 3 mins) and kept my hair straight while I was blowdrying...
Boar Paddle brush: Macadamia Paddle Brush $35.99 (YEAH, CRAZY)
Ive tried that whole round brush thing... I dont have the coordination (or arm length) for that.

3. New straightener basically the cadilac of straighteners... pretty good, but the blowdryer made it 100xs easier
Avanti ultra wet to dry digital (up to 450 deg) $190.00

4. Cream product before blowdry Schwarzkopf osis+ soft n straight $19.99

5. Waxy serum for post straighten (fly-aways) Schwarzkopf osis+ thrill texture fibre gum SMELLS UNBELIEVEABLE

OK, So I did spend quite a bit of $ on my hair (which I normally do not do). But these appliances will last 10 years or so and product for 2 years at least.

I have never in my life been able to blowdry my hair straight or normal looking. Im not sure if its just one of these things or a combination of all of them. My honest opinion is its the blowdryer, throw away the walmart special... best $100 I ever spent. My hair looks like something out of a hair commercial (we all say no one has hair like that) my hair ended up like that in 3-4 days with this combination. If you can only afford one thing, Id say do the blowdryer (even if its a $50 one)

Successful products of the past
For straight:
Moroccan oil decent product, a bit oily for thin hair though
John Frieda 3 day-straight lots of success with this product highly recommended

For curly:
Tresseme moose and hairspray good drug store brand stuff

Im going to try to include before and after pictures, im new to this so unsure if it will work.

Im sure I left some things out, Any questions/feedback id be happy to answer

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Just wanted to update on this, hair is still frizz-free/minimal... 1.5 months later. Other perks: i had thin unhealthy looking hair with no shine, i now have full full looking shiny hair. I also used to shed like CRAZY... My hair is really thinning, I shed about 90% less after this BKT. I used to have terrible dandruff... I have had zero dandruff since doing this treatment and using sulfate free products. After reading on here importance of deep conditioning, i purchased liquid keritin deep conditioner by coppola. Great results! My hair is beautifully healthy!

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