$15 Organix Ever Straight BKT review (partial)

Hey y'all!

So I'm usually real lazy about doing my hair, as far as treatments go. I've done a BKT at home before, using QOD max, and got pretty good results, just don't keep up with it because I hate the 3 hour process and the 2-3 day waiting period (I'm obviously very impatient). Anyway, I don't know if keratin treatments go bad but I've had the same bottle of QOD for like 2 years now so I figured I'd get a new one. Ran across the Organix stuff, it was something like $15 I believe, and finally just took the day to apply it.

My hair is about a 3c, BSL, medium density, medium porosity (is that the right word?) medium width. It's very medium. And I should probably specify its BSL when straight, when it's curly, it barely comes to my shoulders. People always think I've gotten extensions when I straighten it. Nope, it just shrinks that much.6

If you've ever done an at home keratin treatment (correctly), it's just exactly like any other BKT application; wash your hair, apply the stuff, blow dry, straighten, don't get it wet for 2-3 days. Instructions on the box are super vague, so if youve never done it and use this, id reccomend hitting youtube first. The box says to wash twice for curly hair, I washed my hair 3 times and still had a bunch left over in the little shampoo thing they included in the box. Towel dried my hair, then applied the goods with a dye brush. Gloves were included. I think i used about half of the bottle. Blow dried my hair with a round brush, and then went over everything (about 2 inch segments) 10 times with my straightener.

It doesn't stink, it just smells like...hair product. My hair felt weird after blow drying, but after straightening its okay. Not too heavy or waxy. Actually, it feels exactly the same as when I used QOD, so I'm hoping that means I won't be disappointed when I rinse it out. I do plan on updating in 3 days (even though the box says 2, I always wait 3) from an actual computer, so ill put before and after pics and such.

Any questions or anything I forgot?
How did it come out? Would love to see some pics if you can. How do you think it compares to QOD?
3B dark brown shoulder length
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