Peter Coppola Keratin treatment

Hi! I am going to get the Coppola Keratin treatment done next week. I have extremely thick (on the bottom, thinner on the top) hair, combo of 3C and 4B. My hair is very dry, very coarse, "Z" type curls, without product its a huge fuzz ball and it would probably dread within a day. It has triangle shape because it is so thick on lower half. The top of my head is almost straight. though still coarse and dry. Basically no cut, nothing I have done has made it manageable so I put coconut oil in it and conditioner and always have it up in a knot. I am trying the Coppola Keratin treatment because I am at my wits end with this hair and not being able to wear it down and spending a half hour in the shower trying to comb conditioner through it.

My question is, after getting the treatment I do not plan on blowing/flat ironing it straight everyday, I am not getting the treatment done because I want straight hair, I am just hoping it calms my hair a little. Wondering what your experiences are with it, especially those who do not blow their hair straight regularly. Wonder if my hair will just finally be a pretty looser curl or what.

I am white but have texture similar to African hair. If I werent white I would probably chop it all off and have a pretty Afro. Would love to hear your experiences! Thanks!
My hair has always been a crazy mess. I am exactly like you. I didn't want straight hair, I just wanted normal hair! Hair that wasn't a poofy mess like an Afro, which their isn't anything wrong with that, but when you have really long hair, like mid back, it can look ridiculous. Anyways, my friend that was a hair stylist suggested I tried out a smoothing treatment called Keratin Complex. I got hair that I could actually style! I was manageable and it stayed in longer than some of those Brazilian blowouts that people were recommending online. I life it because its the number one brand in keratin protein and has this awesome purple shampoo that I use afterwards when my hair gets a little brassy looking. They have all types of smoothing therapy that are affordable and long lasting depending on what your looking for, check it out online at Keratin Complex - Hair Care Products.

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