Coppola Keratin Treatment

The Cottage Retreat in Baton Rouge, LA offers this WONDERFUL treatment! So all of you South Louisianians need to get your frizz tamed before the wrath of the summertime humidity is amongst us!
Hi Poofball,

I'm thinking about getting this treatment done, too. I also live in Wisconsin, but in Madison. I have 2B hair (I think) that looks like 3A on the ends, and I would love to have straighter, less frizzy hair. Do keep us posted on how long your treatment lasts!
does anyone no where i could get this done in michigan? and i have about 3b hair. how straight will this make my hair?
well I am 1 month in and still loving it!! However I do now have to straighten my hair again after washing, but still no frizz, I got rained on the other day - and it was still straight when I got to work, normally that would have me close to tears. Basically it is still way easier to manage and when I straighten it, it stays straight until I wash it again.
My hair feels fabulous and I haven't had any hair loss.

To all of those asking "how straight will my hair be"... the answer is as straight as you style it, if you read up on the product and the posts here you do not get totally straight hair and you still have to either blow dry or straighten it after a few weeks.
My hair feels fabulous and I get compliments on it everyday!
My stylist in Germantown, TN, does the Coppola Keratin Treatments. I saw one of her clients, and she said that it was the easiest she has ever had trying to fix her hair daily. Straight, no frizz, she loved it.
I am a life-long curly, so I am not the least interested in straightening my locks. That being said, my stylist has used some of the products on my hair, and they just make it less frizzy and softer curls. It is pricey, but I guess we all spend a fortune on our hair, anyway!
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Routine now is Jessicurl Cream Wash, Too Shea (also as a LI), Rocking Ringlets and Confident Curls (Really love this line!) Using Jane Carter Nourish and Shine Pomade as a sealer (great stuff)!!.
Sleep overnight in CJ Repair Me & Deep Fix for deep conditioning. Also, I like the CJ Honey Butta as a LI/styler.

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So I'm getting this done tomorrow and I'm freaking out. it's too late to cancel but im so worried it's going to make my hair straight.
So I'm getting this done tomorrow and I'm freaking out. it's too late to cancel but im so worried it's going to make my hair straight.
Originally Posted by izbee617
so why get it done if you don't want straight hair?
because, it's a hair straightening treatment...
I got my first treatment a few weeks ago in NC. I love it. The first few washes were a bit scary because my hair didn't want to curl very much. I used a 1 inch curling iron to add body... After a couple weeks I have great curls that are not fuzzy! I can drive with my window down and let my hair blow in the wind without getting frizzy. I use the Coppola shampoo and conditioner with Ouidad leave in condish and climate control gel. Great results. If I have an issue with curl formation after I diffuse it I just add a little leave in condish and the problem is solved.
So I am having the Coppola keratin treatment done next weekend. EXCEPT....instead of having my hair flat ironed i am having my stylist use a curling iron to restructure my curls. She said she got in touch with the ppl that make Coppola and this is an acceptable use of their product. I am having it done at cost because I am the first person she's done this with. I am a little nervous since I can't wash my hair for three days. At least with the flat iron process I could redo the straightening part....anyone ever done the coppola treatment this way? Also, can I use my deva curl products after this? I have no idea what styling products I can/can't use. Any help would be great. I will try and post pics after it's all said and done next weekend.
I was wondering the same thing, it would be nice to have some wave or curl just no frizz. I had the Coppola twice now, the second time at a different salon who used less product and so far so good. I didn't follow all the rules, left my head band in all weekend and there were no dents.

Let us know how it goes, the worst I can think of is that it doesn't hold the curl but the product penetrates. I use a sulfate free shampoo or the coppola shampoo and cond. I like to alternate to get body. Aveda's deep cond. is great too.
I had the treatment done on Tuesday, and have just washed, blow dried and ironed my hair for the first time this morning. WOW. The difference is amazing. It doesn't feel like my normally course, dry, frizzy hair at all.

My hair is a 3b/c normally, with lots and lots of frizz. After the treatment, there is little to no frizz, the curls are looser and my hair is extremely soft and manageable. I can actually run my fingers through my hair!

It took about 1/2 hour from showering to having completely styled and ready to go dancing hair :-) Usually, it takes 1 1/2 - 2 hours from start to finish. I love it!
SistaC - that sounds awesome! Did you need to iron your hair or was that more just to get it really straight?

I also have 3b/c hair and am going tomorrow for my first treatment. Usually I blowdry it straight and then have to iron it so it doesn't immediately curl up and frizz again. I'm hoping the treatment will give me a break from the iron and make my hair a bit healthier.
I had my appointment today! Holy 6 hours in the chair. I had my hair highlighted first and then the treatment. So far I LOVE IT. I have curls but they are really loose think SJP in sex in the city wave! I am now officially in my 72 hour no wash period. I hope that I can stand it til Tuesday. I will post before, right after, and after first shampoo on Tuesday night!

Can't wait to hear what happens after your wash! I had the same tx with highlights a few weeks ago, was there all day but worth it. It was my second and hope it lasts again, for four months at least.

Are you going have highlights again or just roots for follow up. Trying to cover gray that seems to come faster and faster as I get older.

Here are the pics. 1 is in the chair blown out no product. 2 is right after with curls not fluffed out. 3 is in the car when done. 4 is today after last night's shower. Some change but not a ton. However I am sure I will be able to do it straight so much easier.
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Thanks for sharing your pics! I love your hair after they curled it but it can't stay that way? I like the 3rd one too you have body and the last has a soft curl look. You have been air drying? Will you flat iron? My hair is straight with some body but doesn't hold a curl for long. Will you use a curling iron to get curls without frizz? That's what I hope to achieve. I like straight but wish I could also wear curly without the frizz.

Looks great though.

For those of you who have had the treatment on the African-American virgin hair, how long has it lasted you before you had to have it redone?
I got my treatment Thursday afternoon. It is now Saturday afternoon, and I'm wondering if it will kill the whole deal if I wash it tomorrow morning before church (6 hours before the 72-hour deadline.) Anyone know how crucial the 72 hour no-wash period is?

I reaallly want to get this treatment, but can't find time because I read u can't wash your hair for 3 days. I work and go to school and don't want to look gross in front of clients at work. Can anyone tell me how bad your hair looks afterward, would I be able to go out in public? Does it smell bad?
I reaallly want to get this treatment, but can't find time because I read u can't wash your hair for 3 days. I work and go to school and don't want to look gross in front of clients at work. Can anyone tell me how bad your hair looks afterward, would I be able to go out in public? Does it smell bad?
Originally Posted by Riss
I've gotten this twice so far, and I always try to get it on a Thursday afternoon/night so that I'm home for most of the weekend. It really doesn't look too bad - maybe just the last day. Mine is very, very flat and poker straight during those 3 days. Yes, you would be able to go out. I did. I don't remember it smelling bad at all.

Go for it. Try to get it so that it falls on a weekend (assuming you can stay home for most of the weekend).
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