Coppola Keratin Treatment

I have 4b/4a hair. Loved the keratin treatment by coppola. I've had mine for 8 months. I wash sparingly, as I am inactive, mostly wear my hair back and up. sparingly means every two weeks. I use the awapuhi sulfate free shampoo and condish by paul mitchell. All of these together make for a very happy head on my shoulders. I have minimal breakage. I also drink lots of water so my hair is naturally conditioned. Before the kt, I kinda wanted to chop all my hair off. (I was natural with thick unruly hair.) now me and my hair are good friends, and its the longest its ever been because I ended a 20 year relationship with breakage the day I got my kt.

in 8 months drinking on average 2.5 liters of water per day, my hair has definitely grown out. while the awapuhi line makes my whole head manageable, its clear what hair has had the kt, and which hair hasn't. My new growth isn't as soft or easy to straighten as my kt'd hair. It does not reflect light (shine) like my kt'd hair.

I could say more, but you all get it.

my kt was a good investment, along with improving my diet and water intake.
Can someone please post how the hair fall rate is after several times of doing Coppola Smoothing Complex?

Also, it retains some curl right?

Finally, has anyone tried the new Coppola Keratin Concept??

Please post pics after washing several times or after several treatments!!
I am thinking of doing this - I don't get my Keratin done at salon anymore, it's too pricey but I do it home. I would like to preserve some kind of body and/or curl and was thinking of curling instead of ironing as the last step of Keratin.

Any suggestions? Advise?


I am getting the keratin treatment next saturday and my stylist is using a curling iron after the treatment instead of a straightening it out! Has anyone tried this? I do not want to have very straight hair, I just wants less poofy/frizzy thick curly hair (i have 2c). I am a little nervous to get the treatment because I don't want to ruin my hair! I also workout alot and don't want the results to go away because of perspiration, any tips?
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