Coppola Keratin Treatment

I just had the Keratin therapy done on July 14th. Can't believe how nice it stays in the humidity. I just hope it lasts for 3 months, I teach aerobics and work out alot so I wash my hair everyday with Pureology (that is what the salon suggested). I found a place in downtown boston. Beaucage is doing it on Newbury St. Has anyone had it done a second time I am curious to see if it improves or lasts longer if you continue to have it done?
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I am so thrilled with the Copolla Keratin Complex! My blow dry was in record time-it was really wash and wear, amazing, but I too work out alot! I do it every other day and I need to know if that will make it last less time??? How is your hair responding to the sweat so far??? Can you tie it in a ponytail???
I Am A Stylist And We Are Doing Lots Of These Treatments Just Want You All To Know It Is A Great Thing Your Hair Will Feel So DifFRENT. It Cuts Drying Time In Half. tHE MORE YOU RCIEVE THIS TREATMENT, THE BETTER IT IS YOU MAY RECIVE THIS TREATMENT UP TO EVERY 4 WEEKS. Let Me Now If You Have Any Questions About It.

The Loft Hair Skin And Nails
Fort Wayne In 260-490-loft

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your hair looks great. I'm scheduled to have this treatment done in three weeks but I'm having second thoughts. I have 3c type hair which I actually love but lately I have been having lots of problems with frizziness, dryness and most annoying....these horrible knots that I've been getting very close to my scalp. I've tried every conditioner out there and nothing has really helped so I went to my salon to have the Phytospecific hair relaxer done but only to my roots since I want to keep my curls but have it some what easier to manage. I've done this in the past and it really helps my hair but I haven't done it almost 3 years. My hair stylist refused to do the relaxer and instead recommended the Keratin treatment for my hair. I'm hesistant bc I don't want to lose my curls but I definitley need something to make my life easier when it comes to my hair. She told me the relaxer would break my hair since it's colored and I have a few highlights throughout and I definitely do not want that. Not sure what I should do....I don't even know how to style my hair straight since i've always worn it curly. Help! I need to know will my hair still have some curl to it with the BKT and do you have to wait for you hair to grow out orrrr does it wash out little by little????
I just washed my hair with the Coppola shampoo and conditioner after having this treatment 3 days ago. I have extremely thick, very curly hair - like a 3c. Can anyone recommend any styling products that are safe to use? My hair is still drying but I can tell it is going to be a bit fluffier than I like. My hair is way too thick to blow straight or straighten with a flat iron.
You had me all excited that it was the treatment I could buy : ( After having it done, I don't think it would be hard to do it myself. And I can't find anyone to do it for less than $300, so I'd give it a try.

I had no idea the shampoo and condish were so full of cones.
Does anyone know of a good salon to get this treatment done in the DC area. Anywhere in Maryland and Virginia is good too!

I desperately want to get a Keratin treatment and have been trying to research the different ones. There are so many Keratin products now and I am in search for the best one… any suggestions??

I read on a few other blogs that the Copolla treatment causes breakage after several treatments, it burned their eyes and people complaining about the smell. I also read that it contains Formaldehyde and they just use another name for it…Aldehyde.
I have a friend who had the Bottanica Keratin…..anyone had this one done?? She loves it and her hair did come out AWESOME! She explained it as the same process as the Copolla one. The difference is the smell.... I guess it comes in a fruity scent or a chocolate scent. She's also had it done twice and no breakage.

I don't want anymore damage to my hair and want to make sure I get my $$$'s worth.
I had my Copolla treatment done October 9th. It was a little too straight in the beginning, but after a week or two, just right. Blow drying to a glossy, frizz free finish was a cinch, and air drying was a nice loose wave that I could define with styling/glossing cremes. It's now December 13 and my new growth is driving me nuts. I have 3b, tight, frizzy curls and the rest is still straight, not as shiny. I will get another treatment hopefully after the new year. I have used Pureology since day one after treatment, but I too work out (Kung Fu) two to three times per week to the point where my hair is saturated. The salt in sweat eats away at the keratin coating, so I know that has a lot to do with why it hasn't lasted so long. I WISH there was a way to do only roots, but there is not.
Well, I think I've covered it all. It was overall, worth the money and time, just wish I could afford to do it every month!
I had mine done at Salon Sogna in Shrewsbury, MA (about 35 mins from boston..) I do know however, that Salon Beaucage on Newbury is now certified in the procedure...

Has anyone had the Coppola Keratin Treatment done in the Boston area. I would love to get a recommendation from someone.
Originally Posted by linrg
Does anybody know where i can get this treatment in Hawaii (Oahu) and can you recommend somebody? Thanks
I had the CHI straightening done years ago, and although I loved the results, I HATED when I had to grow my hair out and transition back to curly because the regrowth was so noticeable. How is the regrowth with this system?
Has anyone gotten this treatment done in Los Angeles? Any recs for a stylist in LA who does it? Thanks!
What products do you reccomend for shampooing and conditioning after? I was told products with no sodium cloride and a conditioner with Keratin. I currently use Wen
I bought my shampoo & conditioner from They have products without sodium chloride & are sulfate free too. They also contain keratin.
Does anyone know where I can get the Keratin Hair Treatment in the Virginia Beach/ NOrfolk area? Thanks.
I've never had my hair professionally straightened or relaxed. My hair is extremely curly and frizzy and very hard to blowdry straight. After this treatment it was completely straight. when washed it was curly again with no frizz, super soft and shiny. It took 10 minutes to blow dry straight. Go to Cathy at Art and Chemistry in Rockville, MD. She is easy to talk to and genuinely interested in making you love your hair.

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those of you who said the smoke burned your eyes,
it is because the stylist had too much product on the
hair, there is NO FORMALDEHYDE. Also, this is NOT, i repeat NOT a straightener, it is a smoothing system, and it only removes 70% of the curl, but the effect is cumulative because it's done on the whole
strand every time.
there IS no regrowth because it's physical, not chemical, and it slowly and unfortunately immediately comes off the hair uniformly from roots to ends, so after say 75 shampoos it will be gone and your hair back to "virgin" condition...
there IS no regrowth because it's physical, not chemical, and it slowly and unfortunately immediately comes off the hair uniformly from roots to ends, so after say 75 shampoos it will be gone and your hair back to "virgin" condition...
Originally Posted by danielle4hair
So per quote above if you have this treatment done, on virgin curly hair (ie, no thio, relaxer, etc. done on hair) there should be no regrowth at all? I understand it shampoos off in time, but hair does grow .25" to 1" or more per month. So I would think there will be some regrowth showing, especially depending on hairtype. Just curious, because I've thought of having this done. TIA
HairType: multi-texture 3a/b/c
Does anyone know a salon in Colorado that offers the Coppola treatment?

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