Check out video of my Brazilian Blowout!

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Thanks for the video Michelle, you did take 1 for the team! I was curious about these kinds of salon treatments but didn't know how they were different from store bought keratin treatments, like Aphogee. I would need to pass on the flat iron - my hair does not thrive on high heat.
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Michelle - Could you please tell what products were used on your hair during the treatment. Because I have 3b hair and it is been two weeks since I did my Brazilian Blowout at a BB certified salon but I have not got back natural curls on air drying. It is curled up at the ends, smooth and frizz free and I love it, but do miss my curls.

My stylist did use a lower temperature while ironing, as she knew that I didnt want give up my curls. But she asked me to wash my hair 48 hours after the treatment.


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