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bribrik10 04-24-2011 04:57 PM

Low porosity experts please help
Hmm I think I have damaged low porosity hair so I was wondering if any of these products that I already have are ok

Deva one condition- I saw someone with low porosity using it so I think it's fine
GVP conditioning balm- saw someone using it with low porosity again
Low poo deva- I believe this is fine
Bleave in deva curl- im not sure but I like it

Tresemme naturals moisture- I looked for this and saw a lot of normal porosities using this so I'm not sure!

Thank youu

pprMACHEheart 05-03-2011 08:29 PM

I can only vouch for one of the products you listed, I'm low porosity and use Tresemme Naturals with no problem. And honestly when I want to try a product I don't worry about whether I'm low porosity or not, I just use it and if my hair loves it, then great.

bribrik10 05-11-2011 08:12 PM

Well thanks for ur answer

JewelCurls 05-14-2011 10:09 AM

I just recently discovered I have low porosity hair, and I can say this: so far, it affects my routine more than the actual products I use. I hope that makes sense... I'll give examples! When I style my hair, it *has* to be wet. However, it must be just slightly dryer than dripping wet, or the product will drip away with the water (sadly, no "super-soaker method for me). Scrunching product in does not work... I have to go out of my way to distribute the product very evenly and thoroughly, or it will drip/fall out. I can scrunch water out with my hands (gently) after I apply product, but under no circumstances can I use any towel/T-shirt/paper towel/plop to remove water... the product will come out. I also cannot use too many products at a time... the first 2 or maybe 3 (if the 3rd is really light, like an oil) will be absorbed just fine, but after that, it tends to just sit on top and looks gross.

My general rule of thumb when looking for products that will help me is to go for richer, creamier things, and shy away from serums and products that are thin or runny in consistency (but that may be personal preference). I find if they are thicker, they stay put better, and my hair has a chance to absorb them. I also stay away from products that are designed to be part of a layering system: curl activators, frizz control, shine pomade/spray... I prefer to go for multi-function products so that I can cut down on the number I have to use at one time. This only applies to stylers/after wash products... I have like 10 products I use in the shower lol!

I don't think I found anything that did not work *specifically* because it interacted with my low porosity badly.
Hope it helps!

Naturalfinally 05-15-2011 11:06 AM

I have low porosity and I try to use water based products. They seem to absorb better then anything creamy or buttery. Butters and heavy products sit on top and give me white hair. I love gels but they make my hair crunchy so I have to use extra leave in underneath and the an oil on top.

artemis513 05-15-2011 11:53 AM

I also have low porosity hair. My strands are fine, but tightly curled, so it's a mixed bag in terms of the weight of the products I use. For deep treatments, I prefer a creamy, medium weight consistency with a moderate amount of protein (to give my fine hair support). I sit under the hooded dryer with a plastic cap on for about 10-15 min so that it absorbs well.

For styling products, I prefer styling liquids and lightweight gels or creme-gels. The ones I use are by Joico and Redken (they are CG). Because of my curl pattern I only need a light to medium hold. If I do use a curl cream it's in sparse amounts on sopping wet hair to distribute it evenly. Still haven't found one I'm over the moon about yet, though. They do tend to sit on my hair for most of the day before finally absorbing, even if only a smidge is used :( Most days I can't be bothered, and stick to my styling lotion or gel. The lighter they are, the more definition they give, IME. Heavier products weigh down my hair and makes it look that way, like my hair is being smothered...

I have tried Tressemme Naturals and I did not care for it much, but I like Nature's Gate Aloe Vera. They're both thick-ish conditioners that need a little water to spread them and take a few minutes to penetrate the hair (so I apply them at the beginning of the shower). But I wouldn't use either one on a daily basis--I prefer the daily condish to be a little thinner and creamier.

So all that to say: I think the product consistency should moreso depend on whether your hair strands are fine, medium, or coarse. I think as long as the cuticles are open (wet warm hair) the hair will absorb what it needs, so low porosity shouldn't be that much of an issue.

I hadn't used any of the other products you mentioned, but hope this helps anyway :)

bribrik10 05-27-2011 02:24 PM

thanks! I was just nervous once my hair is healthy I dont want it to turn to straw or something due to too much protein so I figured to start using the perfect products now.

artemis513 05-27-2011 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by bribrik10 (Post 1675208)
thanks! I was just nervous once my hair is healthy I dont want it to turn to straw or something due to too much protein so I figured to start using the perfect products now.

Be sure not to over-think it. After working with your hair in its healthy state for a period of time, you will surely be able to tell if the hair has too much of something and adjust accordingly without damaging it.

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