Baking Soda and low porosity hair

Kathymack, do you happen to know the pH of the bars you've used? Just curious. Thx
Originally Posted by artemis513
My pH strips aren't the best--they are less then 8. I used to always do an ACV rinse, but feel that if I'm using products that are formulated correctly for my rinse out and styling, that it should return the pH balance to the right level.

I apologize for taking the thread away from your original post. I will add that my hair just HATES baking soda. Even a 1/4 t in a recipe that calls for a tablespoon makes it hard and straw like.

I totally agree with your initial statement about folks who want to "fix" their low porosity hair. Once you learn what your hair likes and doesn't like, it's really not a problem.
Originally Posted by kathymack
Thanks. I find it refreshing that you actually tested them to see. In my experience as someone with low porosity, I've used cleansers that were pH 6-6.5 and my hair did not like them (though many factors play a role), but 4.5-5.5 and those were better. So indeed as we all know everyone's hair is different. I find it interesting that shampoo bars are preferred more by low porosity curlies than not. I would never use baking soda on my hair just b/c of the basics of chemistry (and principle lol) but I am not surprised at all that your hair does not like baking soda.

I understand that sometimes we can get quite eager to learn about and try new products when dealing with hair, but it's very important (IMO) to learn the basics and what you're working with beforehand so that one when exploring you're not doing things that could damage the hair (and could've been prevented with a little research and critical thinking).

Thanks again.
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About two years ago, there was a lot of interest in pH of certain products. Some of use were measuring and reporting. At that time, I made an observation, when a product called Dr. Bronner's Shikakai Rinse was being discussed. It ended up having a pH of 3! The folks who liked it had coarse, porous hair. The people who seem to prefer cleansing with soap bars are low porosity--maybe low porosity (and possibly fine/medium) can do the more alkaline products?? And the other end of the continuum can do the more acid products.

It's speculation, but an interesting question to look into. Hair products are supposed to be in that 4.5-5.5 range, unfortunately all of them are not.
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On the topic of baking soda, it might not actually be as damaging as people think. Of course each case is different, but I found this interesting.
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On the topic of baking soda, it might not actually be as damaging as people think. Of course each case is different, but I found this interesting.
Originally Posted by wavie
Thanks for this, it was very interesting to read and consider.

The idea of what is "damaging" is going to be subjective in terms of what a person is willing to deal with. So while baking soda may not as damaging as a chemical relaxing (on some people's hair), long term over-swelling of the hair shaft in any capacity can't be good, scalp included. If we are to treat our hair delicately in order to keep it in good condition, and one can achieve an increase in moisture using less taxing methods, why not do so, right? JMO really...
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Artemis, I hope you are still around and willing to revisit this old thread! I've just come to learn that my hair has low porosity and I've been doing BS/ACV rinses about once a month but for different reasons. I have hard water, I also like heavy products which tend to build up due to my low porosity and the BS/ACV has really helped with the build up! My hair is instantly shinier and curlier but I am wonder is it the BS AND the ACV or is it just the ACV?

I read the CG book early on and only followed Massey's recommendations regarding the BS/ACV rinses for build up but perhaps the baking soda is unnecessary and possible damaging?

Have you done any further research into this?
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Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.
Cuban-curl-E, that is an interesting idea. The one time I used BS, I really didn't like the way my hair felt - very dry. I did an ACV rinse after, but it still felt dry. And unlike other people, I didn't notice my hair being shinier or more curly.

I have been hesitant about trying another ACV rinse (even without the BS), after I read that it can remove permanent color (I have red - which I have also heard is the easiest to come out/fade/remove).

Have you tried doing an ACV rinse without the BS cleanse?
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