Combination of medium and low porosity?

Hi curlies! I've been having trouble lately trying to figure out just what type of porosity I am because there seems to be so much information. I seem to have characteristics of both medium and low porosity hair. I just started CG so I've started to wonder if I have naturally low-porous hair but damage has made it take on characteristics of medium porosity. My hair takes a while to get wet but not forever. It's pretty shiny but not overly shiny. I had highlights in the past so I know my hair doesn't resist color or styling. However, when I run my fingers up the shaft, sometimes it squeaks and sometimes it doesn't. I'm so confused!
3a/3b curls with low/normal porosity, medium/high density, medium width, and long length.

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Don't worry about it too much. Porosity just gives you an indicator about how well your hair holds moisture; isn't as important as texture is when choosing products and managing damage. Since you have medium/normal hair (per your siggie) with highlights, treat the hair as though it has normal porosity. Medium textured hair means you really don't have any "special" requirements, except for treating the highlighted hair. So start out with 50/50 or 60/40 moisture-protein ratios and see how it goes.
4a/3c, fine strands, low porosity, medium density
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