Does low porosity hair sqeak during the strand test?

The strand test I mean is running your fingers from end to root. As I did it my hair was very squeaky, is that good or bad? Also what do you ladies do to get moisture into your hair? One time I did a wash and go in the morning, put my leave in into my hair and at school my hair was white! My hair is always so dry (unless damp) and I need help!
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about a million, coarse, low porosity strands on my big, 4b (some 4a), natural head

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Yup! Low porosity hair does squeak. That's the one way I found out my porosity -- I thought I was high porosity until I realized that squeaky hair means low porosity. I think my hair could have it's own solo in an orchestra!

Have you tried doing pre-wash treatments with oil? They have helped me with my dryness issues. Another good method is the Spritz and Condish method -- it's like a mini DT, except it takes a 1/4 of the time but adds tons of moisture! You might also want to try deep conditioning once or twice a week, if you don't already.

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It does so much! May I ask what the spritz and condish method is? I really need to start deep conditioning because everytime I do my hair feels lovely LOL. What kind of dt is best? My hair likes cones, but if I use a cone infused DT that won't really put moisture in my hair-should I use a cone free conditioner then put the DT over it? Sorry for all the questions! It's just I barely get replied to :L x
2 african parents...
1 girl...
about a million, coarse, low porosity strands on my big, 4b (some 4a), natural head

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If your hair likes cones give her what she wants!
But trial and error with the deep conditioner I recommend a water based condition: one that's first ingredient is water.
Pre-pooing with a mixture of EVOo and honey
Drinking water
Deep condish masque by
Even the huetiful hair steamer with your condish helps with dryness
Hmmm Oyin handmade products all of then lol
If your scares of glycerin spray before getting in the shower this way the moisture comes from the steam then style.
As for your hair being white it's the ingredients of your styler not being water based mine is the same way I ride with the windows down and Shake my hair a few times...I look crazy! But it is hot enough I'm
Not dry but the whiteness is gone by the time I reach my destination

Hmm what else o I have to use light moisturizers
Like All That's O'Natural Natty Butter(can't wait till winter to use this)
Oyin handmade shine n define
Kyla Alexandias Lace n Pearls
To name a few o before I forget you may wanna try Hairveda 24/7 condish feels like you done put the moisturizer in when you wash this out...I'm stocking up on that 4 the winter also.
Gd luck

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