Should I invest in a steamer?

I y'all. I have low porosity, coarse, wavy hair. It's middle of winter in New England so it is COLD and DRY (Kinda. Crazy NE weather has been up and down). Anyways, I'm experimenting with heating my hair in the shower, coating it in conditioner (and sometimes using a baking soda solution beforehand to open the cuticle), then tying it up and sealing it under a plastic cap while I finish my shower, then rinsing my hair under very warm water at the end.

Because it's so cold (and my body does not retain heat AT ALL), the only time i can steam my hair is the 10/15 minutes while I'm in the shower.

So I feel like a steamer is a worth while investment...but they're very expensive and I'd like to hear feedback before i buy one.

Has a hair steamer been a worthwhile investment for you?

Could you recommend one?

Thank you
Good question! I'm also interested in hearing other folks' thoughts.
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I do what could be called a "bootleg" steamer treatment. I have a hooded dryer. I put the dc, I like EVOO in my hair. Then I cover it with a plastic cap. Then a wet warm towel then sit under a hooded dryer for about 15 to 20 minutes. Works great. I have heard of some people putting towel under cap. The hooded dryer cold be used for rollersets and other stuff where the steamer might just give you that one type of use.
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