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susirene 09-10-2012 11:07 AM

Colored and low?
Posted this on the protein-sensitive board but then realized this may be the more appropriate place...

I have been coloring my wavy hair (see sig for details) since I was 21 due to premature greying - probably 30-40% grey now at 32 - and because my hair grows WICKED fast (blessing and a curse), I dye it every 4-5 weeks. I always use close to my natural color in a one-process step (did home color for many years then decided when I turned 30 it was time to go pro!) and have never bleached or stripped it except for that one time I tried to use platinum blonde home dye when I was 15 and stupid. Ha.

Because of this history, I have been assuming that my hair is highly porous and needs protein. I had started to feel like my hair just couldn't get soft like it normally does, and was just not curling like normal (I have been borderline 3a on good days, and I'm barely 2b right now) and that's when I reviewed my products... soooo... my hair may be a little over-proteined now... as I was using...

Clarifying shampoo (pre-PT): Tresseme anti-breakage (protein)
CG Shampoo: Giovanni tea tree
RO: Suave naturals coconut (protein)
PT: GVP K-pak once every 1-2 weeks
Product: CJ CCCL or GF pure gel or Curlisto structura lotion (allll protein)
DT: coconut oil (apparently has protein - who knew??)


So yesterday I did a porosity test - dropped some strands into (don't laugh, it totally works!) the toilet... and they pretty much floated forever. It's also very smooth and slick when I run my finger up the shaft, but my hair is NOT coarse - it's probably on the fine side of medium, very very stylable (if it's up in a ponytail for more than 3 minutes I can't wear it down the rest of the day because of the permanent-until-washed crease).

Is it possible for my porosity to appear low because I have sooo much protein in it now, or for very colored hair to be so NOT porous?

I went out and totally revamped my products to be mostly protein FREE with plans to add protein in with the K-pak just before and mid-coloring, but otherwise think my hair may be needing some more moisture (see sig for current plan).

Anyone else have experience with low-porosity colored hair?

MyName 09-10-2012 11:27 AM

I did the same. Been coloring every 6-8 weeks since i was thirty ish to cover gray. Assumed i was high porosity cuz of the color and the fact that i have fine hair. Totally over proteined. Frizz fest, straw, sitck straight hair. Got all protein out of my hairs diet and moisturized the heck out of it. It recovered fairly quickly. I waited for my curls to go kinda limp and eased protein back in my " diet". I found out my hair is very picky about the type of protein i use. I stick to silk protein and npf now.

susirene 09-10-2012 12:02 PM

So I just went back and looked through all the products I've loved and hated, and ohguesswhat... the ones I loved were either protein free or only had silk proteins or keratin, and the ones I hated were all wheat/oat/other proteins. Go figure. I've actually HAD a keratin treatment, and my hair loved that.

The more you know...

amberashockl 09-15-2012 09:11 PM

My hair does the pony tail thing too!!!!!

I hate that! angry9: Especially since I have to wear my hair pulled up every day; I work as a waitress.

I posted another thread where I was bemoaning the amount of work I have to do to my hair - the scrunching, the atrocious amount of time it takes to dry, and I think I mentioned there that I'm a waitress and that wearing my hair up pulls the curl I worked so hard for right back out, but

YES! Also the pony tail dent/lump that looks like I just did something really funky all around the top of my scalp with a curling iron.


So that means my hair accepts styling well? I never thought of it that way until you said that.

susirene 09-17-2012 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by amberashockl (Post 2033931)
So that means my hair accepts styling well? I never thought of it that way until you said that.

That's how my stylist and I both describe it - it may frizz a little, but once it's curled or straightened, it stays that way with very little holding products. When I was 10 I went as a lion for Halloween and my mom and I rag-curled my hair overnight.... holy cow. It pretty much just stayed in the tight little ringlets throughout the day all the way through trick-or-treating. So now whenever anyone says something like, "Oh, it will fall down in awhile...", I shake my head and ask them to loosen up the style manually.

MyName 09-17-2012 06:57 PM

I definitely have hair like that too. Ridiculously so

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