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belwillcoily 11-24-2012 07:43 AM

Washing at night for LP hair
For any LP folks on here that have perfected this, would you mind sharing your secrets for dry hair in the morning? Diffusing frizzies my hair out and constant heat ultimately dries out my hair which leads to breakage. I cannot wear my hair wet to work for one thing because it's too cold to go out with wet hair (and my hair takes forever to dry) and it's not a good look (IMO). It's definitely not the look I'm going for anyway even on a non-working day.

In any case, like I said, anyone who has perfected this please chime in. I'm experimenting with different things to try and get it, but I haven't quite gotten there yet.

Thanks in advance! :wave:

ErrickaNicholle 11-26-2012 09:08 AM

I would like to know the answer to this also.

The only thing I do different is squeeze out as much excess water as possible before styling. I've done that the past two washes and my hair wasn't fully dry in the AM but was a lot dryer than normal.

Morgan_Adcock 12-01-2012 03:30 PM

I don't know if this will help you, but these are things that help me.

I squeeze excess water out of my hair with my fists (scrunch the hair up from end to root, then squeeze as hard as I can) before applying styling product(s). This leaves enough moisture in my hair that the products are reasonably easily distributed when I squish them in, and I do mean squish – it should sound like walking through mud.

After applying my styling product(s) I wait, and wait. There will be a sudden take up of the product, and my hair will go from that producty feeling to feeling like my hair just has water on it, lots of water. At that point, I scrunch out as much of the moisture as I can with smooth surfaced towels (it usually takes two).

I double or triple fold a (gasp) terrycloth towel and lay it over my pillow. Then, as I'm laying down, I make sure the hair on the sides and back of my head that will have pressure on them during the night are scrunched up well to my scalp, and that the hair which is above that is loose and laying free on my towel covered pillow. (I used to plop overnight, but as my hair got longer, I didn't get enough air circulation for my hair to dry enough.)

One thing that has helped is masting the art of getting multi-day hair, so I don't have to do this every evening. On days I don't wash my hair, I usually just sweep my hair up above the top of my head, and sleep with it loose. If the curls in the pressure area have become flattened, I may dampen that part, add a light amount of gel, and scrunch it up, again sleeping with a towel over my pillow.

I keep a spray bottle with a mixture of water, conditioner, and a little gel. In the morning, after shaking this up well, I spray my hand with several pumps (six works well with my hair the length it is now), rub my hands together to distribute this evenly, then sandwich my hair inside my hands, and quickly run them down the length of my hair three or four times before moving on to the next section. (It should still be springy.) After I've got the length of my hair pretty evenly dampened, I spritz my hands with about four pumps of my refresher spray, distribute it to both hands, spread my fingers, and scrub my roots at the sides, reapply to my hands and scrub the roots on my crown. After that I scrunch well, protect the scrunch as I come upright, check to make sure my pseudo part is okay, and walk away from the wild woman in the mirror. By the time my hair dries, it's settled down.


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